1. Assessor

    The Assessor's Office identifies, lists and values all real and personal property within the City of Midland.

  2. Attorney

    View city attorney information.

  3. Building

    Learn about the Building Department and it's responsibilities.

  4. Clerk

    View information about the City Code, City Council, elections, and public records.

  5. Communications

    Browse through community communications provided by the City.

  6. Engineering

    Find out about the City Engineering Department.

  7. Finance

    Review City Budgets and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.

  8. Fire

    For questions or more information please contact us.

  9. Fiscal Services

    The Fiscal Services Department of the City of Midland is responsible for the areas of finance, assessing, treasurer and purchasing.

  10. Geographic Information Systems

    Check out the data compiled by the Geographic Information System (GIS).

  11. Human Resources

    Working for the City of Midland is an opportunity to help the Midland community run efficiently and safely.

  12. Landfill

    Obtain information on the City of Midland Sanitary Landfill.

  13. Library

    View library services and resources.

  14. Manager

    The City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City.

  15. MCTV / MGTV

    The MCTV Network and Midland Government Television are the City of Midland's public and government access cable television channels.

  16. Parks and Recreation

  17. Planning

    Look up planning and zoning information.

  18. Police

    Learn about the services and responsibilities of the Midland Police Department.

  19. Public Services

    View information and services brought to you by the Department of Public Services.

  20. Purchasing

    The City of Midland Purchasing Department is responsible for overseeing all major purchases on behalf of the City.

  21. Treasurer

    The City Treasurer's Office services the public and City of Midland departments by providing efficient, expedient assistance in processing funds.

  22. Utilities

    View information regarding sanitary landfill, water, and wastewater.

  23. Wastewater

    View information on the Wastewater Division.

  24. Water Distribution

    Learn how Midland keeps your water clean.