Citizens Academy - Your Government in Action

What's It All About?
Ever wonder why the police department has a canine unit, how your water is kept clean and safe for drinking, or how the Engineering Department determines which roads will be built each year?  We'll tell you, during the City's Citizens Academy!
The annual Citizens Academy is a 10-week series of classes designed to teach citizens about how their local government works for them. The academy is generally held mid-January to mid-March each year.

Patterned after Midland Police and Sheriff's departments' Citizens Police Academy, the award-winning Citizens Academy explains the services offered through your city municipality, how its governing process works, and how citizens can participate in that process. As city and county government often shares knowledge and some services, the academy also includes one session on Midland County government.

Program Description
During weekly two-hour sessions, participants learn about the responsibilities of City departments and the services they provide to the community. Presentations and facility tours give participants a better understanding of the role local government plays in the quality of life that Midlanders enjoy.

Sessions are held at various locations in the City depending upon topics being covered.

Participant Selection
Sessions are geared for smaller, more intimate settings with approximately 25 citizens selected at random from among applications received each fall. Preference is given to those living within Midland's city limits. Citizens who applied in previous years but were not selected due to space limitations are encouraged to apply again.
Contact the City Manager's Office at 989-837-3307 or email with any questions.

Watch this video from a past academy, to get a feel for what it's all about.