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Interactive Map

The Interactive Map is a mapping and information retrieval application which enhances customer service by providing the public with access to GIS data and information such as aerial photography, property data, and other valuable community resources.

Click here to view the Interactive Map.

What's New

GIS Wins State Award  Click here for more on this award from the Michigan-based IMAGIN organization.

Special Achievement Award  The City of Midland received a 2009 special achievement award for its vision, leadership, and innovative use of geographic information system (GIS) technology. The City was selected from more than 300,000 organizations worldwide and recognized by ESRI, the world’s leading GIS software developer.

GIS is an acronym for geographic information systems.

Loosely defined, GIS could be explained as “computerized mapping.”

GIS is more than making maps. It links information to location and provides a powerful tool to visualize the relationship between layers of geographic information.

More information about GIS including an Interactive Layer Example is available on our “What is GIS and how is it used?” page.

Map Gallery - Click here to view static and individual dynamic maps created using GIS

GIS Data Available for Purchase

There's a new fee schedule for purchasing GIS-generated data such as pictometry, aerial photography, road centerline locations, parcel data, 100-year floodplain areas, elevation contours, and more. Click here for a GIS Data Fee Schedule & Order Form.