Chapter 11


Cross references: Animals and fowl, Ch. 3; cemeteries, Ch. 6; food and food products, Ch. 9; garbage, refuse and litter, Ch. 10; junk, junkyards and secondhand dealers, Ch. 13; streets and sidewalks, Ch. 22; vegetation, Ch. 26; water, sewer and sewage disposal, Ch. 28.


Sec. 11-1. County health officer– Authorized to enforce municipal ordinances.

The health officer of the County of Midland is hereby designated as the health officer of the city, and he, his employees and representatives are hereby authorized to enforce those ordinances of the city requiring the services of the health officer.

Sec. 11-2. Same– Not city employees.

The county health officer, his employees and representatives, by reason of the designation and authorization in section 11-1 shall not be considered employees of the city.

Sec. 11-3. Council authorized to make budget appropriation for county health officer.

The city council is authorized to make budget appropriations to the county health officer in connection with his duties in the enforcement of the health ordinances of the city.

Charter references: Persons declared city employees, § 3.5.