Emergency Services and Contact Information

Communications and resources to help in times of community emergencies is a top priority for Midland and our surrounding communities. Below are links pointing to information and suggested safety measures that citizens can review before an emergency strikes, and as emergency situations are occuring.

2014 FLOOD:

Thu., April 17 - 3:45pm:   Tittabawassee River water levels continue to go down - they're at 22.47 feet, compared to Tuesday's high of 28.3 feet.

Roads Update: Patterson is now open from Ashby to Pine River, and St. Andrews, Currie Parkway, Main Street, and the Farmers Market is now open. Poseyville and Pine River remain closed. These may dry up by the end of the day, and we’ll keep crews available to inspect, sweep, and reopen the roads as fast as possible.

More flood information:

Emergency Communications Resources

These resources can be conduits for emergency information during and, in some cases, before disaster strikes.

Emergency Scenarios and Safety Tips

Below are some of the possible emergency scenarios that may arise in Midland, and suggestions on how to stay safe in these situations.

The YouTube video at left outlines when it's appropriate to call Midland County 9-1-1, and when to contact other emergency service agencies. Refer to the lists above for the best resources for community-wide emergency information.