January 8, 2003



PRESENT:       Lind, Pollack, Smith, and Taylor


OTHERS:        Kathie Marchlewski, John Palen, Hugh Smith, Ron Schultz and Jim Rieke


EXCUSED:      Bergstein


REPORTED BY:      Brian McManus


Commissioner Lind called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


The minutes of the December 4, 2002 meeting were received and reviewed.  It was moved by Smith and supported by Taylor “to approve and file the minutes of the December 2002 meeting”.  Approved (4/0).


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for December 2002 was presented and reviewed.  There were only 15 good flying days and 16 poor flying days.  Aircraft movements were the lowest that they have been in over a year.  Fuel sales were about average.  It was moved by Taylor and supported by Smith “to accept the Manager’s Report.”  Approved (4/0).


RECOGNITION:  Bill Havers attended the meeting to receive a certificate from BAAC Chairman Tom Lind.  The certificate recognized Bill for his many years of care for the sign at the entrance to the airport.  Bill constructed the sign and maintained the landscaping around the sign for many years.



1.      Linda Langrill attended and spoke on behalf of the 47th Michigan SMALL Rally. 

The rally will likely consist of 50-60 entries.  The rally is scheduled for July 18, 19, and 20 of this year.  The SMALL rally was previously in Midland in 1978 and 1993.  See attached correspondence for more information.

2.      Hugh Smith of the Michigan Antiques and Collectible Festivals attended and requested to use the airport property for parking again this year.  The Commission supported the request at the same rates as last year ($1200 per event, $1500 if space is needed west of Barstow Drive) providing that the City still has control of the property.  A portion of the property used may be leased or sold sometime during the upcoming year.  The Airport Manager informed Mr. Smith that should the land be leased or sold that parking opportunities would be immediately revoked at the time of lease or sale.  Airport Manager will keep Mr. Smith informed of the land release process. 2003 dates are May 31 to June 1; July 26-27; and September 27-28.



1.      Terminal Building Subcommittee Update.  Dow Howell and Gilmore presented their final report to the subcommittee on December 18, 2002.  Next the committee must meet to review the report and select a site for a new building should that option be selected.  The plans and cost estimates are not final at this point.  They have been presented as a basis for quality of materials and cost only at this time.  Cost to build new is estimated at 681,000 and the cost to enlarge and renovate is $496,000.  The committee will reconvene sometime in February after Stuart Bergstein returns from Florida.

2.      Rules Update.  Airport Manager sent a packet of information to all hangar owners

and airplane owners.  Included were the Airport Rules, Ultra Light Rules, and Parachute Rules.  Also included was a plane owner registration form to update our records.




1.      Discussed the joint EAA/Barstow meeting for March.  At this point we will hold the regular Barstow meeting and then also hold a public meeting the next day at the EAA building.  Jim Reike will finalize the details for the EAA.  Brian will present a list of agenda topics for the BAAC to discuss at the EAA meeting.




Jack Hallett spoke about an up and coming popular concept in the aviation area.  Small jets owned on a shared basis between businesses or individuals are beginning to use smaller airports more frequently.  Net Jet is one particular company.  These businesses are looking for facilities and terminals that can accommodate them.  These jets can operate off from a 4000’ runway.  Jack suggested that Barstow Airport might be able to project some increased use from these types of aircraft in order to bolster our efforts for a longer runway.


Jim Reike spoke about a new security effort from the AOPA.  The effort is like neighborhood watch and safe airports would display stickers.


It was moved by Taylor and supported by Smith to adjourn at 6:00 p.m.  Approved 4/0.