February 5, 2003



PRESENT:       Bergstein, Lind, Pollack, Smith, and Taylor 


OTHERS:        Steve Bile, Jack Hallett, Kathie Marchlewski, Jeff Nielsen, John Palen, Gary Phillips, Hugh Smith, Ron Schultz and Jim Rieke


REPORTED BY:  Brian McManus                                         


Commissioner Lind called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


The minutes of the January 8, 2003 meeting were received and reviewed.  It was moved by Stuart Bergstein and supported by Bob Smith  “to approve and file the minutes of the January 2003 meeting”.  Approved (5/0).


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for January 2003 was presented and reviewed. There were 23 good flying days and 8 poor flying days. Aircraft movements were the very low.  Fuel sales were also very low. It was moved by Taylor and supported by Smith “to accept the Manager’s Report.” Approved (5/0). 




1.      The terminal building subcommittee has not met since the last meeting. The committee reviewed a letter from Don Diebert and Tom Lind will call Mr. Diebert and explain that the project is conceptual at this point. Brian will follow up with a letter after the phone call.   

2.      Land Release – No report.   




  1. Discussed the joint EAA/ Barstow meeting for March. Jeff Nielsen desires that the BAAC do a presentation and keep some time for public comment and questions. A 30-minute presentation should be appropriate. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm. Refreshments will be available starting at 6:30 pm.




Jack Hallett commented that electric gates would be helpful in controlling activity in and out of the airport grounds. The FAA may mandate them in the future.


Jim Reike commented that the terminal building subcommittee should address the letters about the terminal building that may come in and not the commissioners.


Gary Phillips requested that the DTN weather station be demarked to indicate that it does provide full weather service required for a flight planning.  Pilots need to contact a flight service weather provider to obtain the detailed weather information.


It was moved by Taylor and supported by Bergstein to adjourn at 5:50 p.m. Approved 5/0.