May 7, 2003



PRESENT:       Bergstein, Lind, Smith, and Taylor


EXCUSED:      Pollack


OTHERS:        Steve Bile, Jim Rieke, Dot Hornsby, Tom Ryden, John Palen, Jim Anderson


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                   


Commissioner Lind called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


The minutes of the regular March 5, 2003 meeting and the March 6 Special Meeting with the FAA were received and reviewed.  It was moved by Bob Smith and supported by Stuart Bergstein “to approve and file the minutes of both March meetings”.  Approved (4/0).


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for March 2003 was presented and reviewed. There were 17 good flying days and 14 poor flying days in March.  There were 16 good flying days and 14 poor flying days in April.  Lind pointed out that movements increased to 360 maybe due to winds prevailing from the north. Discussion about a complaint received that Runway 18/36 was used repeatedly and that a note was left on the windshield of the flight instructor.  It was moved by Smith and supported by Bergstein  to accept the Manager’s Report.” Approved (4/0). 




Bergstein motioned to elect a chair.  Discussion ensued.  Lind, Smith, and Taylor indicated that there terms were up this year and that they were re-appointed by council.  McManus indicated that the chair is usually elected during the first meeting after the appointments are made.  After discussion the commission determined that the elections could wait another month.  Lind mentioned that he would like to see a new chairman.  Bergstein withdrew motion to elect chair. 




1.      Terminal Building Subcommittee - The report was presented by Brian McManus.  Estimated cost for the terminal building is $475,000.  Funding is not certain for the terminal construction.  It was mentioned that the Barstow Foundation may be a source, but other sources are needed.  Bergstein added that one foundation is willing to contribute, but they would also like to see airport users and the City provide funding.  McManus reminded the commission that City Council expects the Commission to provide alternatives and expectations of funding.  McManus will contact the bureau for possible funding of the terminal building, which is believed to be approximately $75,000.  Bergstein mentioned several related old newspaper articles, dating as far back as 1991, which was related to funding efforts.  No related discussion ensued other than the point that nothing was done in response to the articles.    

2.      Land Release – McManus reported that a land lease is the best option for use of the airport parcel, as it would provide subsidy to the airport.  Sale of the property would generate immediate funding that could only be used for capital improvements.  The land “swap” option and the lease with buy-out at the end would still be constituted as a sale by the FAA with funding diverted to capital improvements.  McManus indicated that the land lease option would be pursued.  McManus will provide budget totals including capital improvement totals to the next meeting.




  1. Lighting Project Update - Bradd Maki reviewed the upcoming lighting upgrade project and another project involving grading, tree cutting, and drainage improvements with the commission. Short discussions involving project timeframe, runway closures, etc. ensued.  Mr. Jim Rieke indicated concerns about aircraft parking on lawn areas and related drainage concerns.  It was indicated that the areas would be checked.
  2. Electric Gates – McManus described, but indicated that the electric slide gate option is the most desirable.  Estimated costs range from $7,500 to $9,000 per gate or $15,000 to $18,000 for two gates. Lind indicated that complaints are received that the gates are left open.  Reports of fuel missing were mentioned by Steve Bile.  Lind continued that operation of the gate is unchallenged.  Taylor indicated that rule changes and enforcement may be needed.  Lind indicated that this was an open item right now.  McManus added that the gates could be closed permanently.  Smith agreed.  Taylor moved to have McManus meet with Bile and make recommendation for security and access.  And to look at four options:  Try full time locking; No gates permitted at all; charge for access; Rule changes and enforcement.  Process supported by Bergstein.  Approved (4/0).
  3. Other business – McManus introduced an application from AT&T for a communications tower to be placed on Eastman Avenue north of Monroe Road.  Lind indicated that this location is within the missed approach procedure for V.O.R.A. and may also be for the 24 straight in approach.  McManus indicated that this could be filed and attention could be called to the MBS Airport to see if this could affect us, now or in the future.  Smith moved to request review of the application to Bernie at MBS Airport.  Bergstein second.  Approved (4/0).  Bergstein moved to send letter to stimulate good housekeeping to owners of every hangar as to the changes being made and that the City hangars are in compliance before sending the letters.  Taylor supported.




Jim Rieke thanked the Commission for their presentation on March 6.  Rieke mentioned that he was disappointed that more Commissioners were not able to make the pancake breakfast, then proceeded to raise concern about the parking of planes as before and would like to have the airport a favorable place for aircraft to come.  Would like to have the taxiway near Rieke’s hangar investigated for improvement where alligator cracking is present.  Is in support of the electric gate installation and would contribute funds, but indicated that the community has some responsibility.  Indicated that an event from July 18-20th will have planes here and would like to make sure runways not closed due to construction.  It was mentioned that the areas of concern would be looked at and construction would not influence the event in July.  Bergstein gives appreciation to McManus for his services as airport manager. 


It was moved by Bergstein, supported by Taylor, and second by Smith to adjourn at 6:35 p.m. Approved 4/0.