June 4, 2003



PRESENT:       Bergstein, Lind, Pollack, and Taylor


EXCUSED:      Smith


OTHERS:        Steve Bile, Jim Rieke, Dot Hornsby, John Palen


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                   


Commissioner Lind called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


The minutes of the regular May 7 meeting was received and reviewed.  It was moved by Taylor and supported by Pollack “to approve and file the minutes of the May 2003 meeting”.  Approved (4/0).


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for March 2003 was presented and reviewed. There were 16 good flying days and 14 poor flying days in April.  There were 19 good flying days and 12 poor flying days in May.  It was moved by Pollack and supported by Taylor  to accept the Manager’s Report.” Approved (4/0). 




Discussion ensued to elect a chair.  Taylor volunteered the Vice Chair position.  Pollack indicated interest as Chair.  Motion by Lind to vote for Pollack as Chair and a separate vote for Taylor as Vice Chair.  Bergstein seconded both motions.  Approved (4/0). 




1.      Terminal Building Subcommittee – Lind indicated that remodeling is estimated to cost approximately $400,000 and the estimated cost for a new building is $475,000.  Lind mentioned that a meeting was held May 21st regarding the terminal building.  The City Manager attended the meeting primarily to explain the process of obtaining proposals and financing.  A design build process is possible but must be done in accordance with the City’s purchasing process.  Financing alternatives will likely be a mix of private and government grants.  Motion by Lind to support the concept of a new terminal building as the best long term option, continue the study that will eventually be submitted to City Council for formal support, and granting approval for further research funding and enter into the financing alternatives phase of the study.  Pollack indicated that the notes from the May 21st meeting should be obtained and made part of the recorded minutes.  Pollack added that he would like to relay comments received by Don Diebert regarding the terminal building, including that “the terminal structure should be commensurate with overall airport operation and use…it should not be an icon of extravagance…make sure maintenance is comparable to existing circumstances, City’s needs and resources….may be 70 aircraft owners but not many actually using the facility, so the building should reflect those who will use it”.    

2.      Land Release – Pollack agreed with previous meeting comments that leasing is the best option.  McManus explained that an appraisal is being completed.  Pollack questioned whether appraisal was based on lease and not sale value.  McManus indicated appraisal based on lease.




  1. Cell Tower – Regarding the application from AT&T for a communications tower to be placed on Eastman Avenue north of Monroe Road, McManus indicated that this was a reapplication of an existing tower that was sold, and there will be no changes to the minimums. 
  2. Bergstein wondered about the status to owners of hangars that are not in good shape to clean them up.  McManus indicated that there was no word yet and he would provide a later report.
  3. McManus indicated that the gate issues not formalized yet.  Steve could log when gates open temporarily.  Stressed importance of not jumping the gun on this topic.  McManus also indicated that he would like to visit other airports on the issue.  Taylor indicated that if they are used they should be locked or get rid of them.  McManus responded that the biggest thing to deal with is daytime locking, then enforcement.  Taylor indicated that if they are not properly used, then make a policy to leave them open.
  4. Taxi street break-up:  McManus spoke with Mark Dontje (MBOA) to allocate funding for repair of the street.  No decision as of the meeting. 




No public comments. 


It was moved by Lind and supported by Pollack to adjourn at 5:35 p.m.

Approved 4/0.