December 3, 2003



PRESENT:       Lind, Smith, Taylor, and Pollack


EXCUSED:      Bergstein


OTHERS:        Brian McManus, Steve Bile, Jim Rieke, John Palen, Dot Hornsby


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                   


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


The minutes of the regular November 5 meeting was received and reviewed.  It was moved by Taylor and supported by Lind “to approve and file the minutes of the November 2003 meeting”.  Approved (4/0).


MGTV Orientation was presented by Ron Beacom.

First televised meeting is February 4, 2004.  Request was made to arrive by 5:20 p.m. for equipment testing and other necessary preparation for the televised meeting.  Microphone placement, cough switches, and remote camera operation were discussed.  Ron indicated that we should always assume the microphone and camera is on.  He discussed the cue to begin, use of the podium by staff and the public, and proper use of handouts and visuals.  Some discussion of meeting format and use of handouts and visuals occurred.  Adjournment procedures and a tour of the control room concluded the orientation.


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summaries for October 2003 and November 2003 were presented and reviewed. There were 25 good flying days and 6 poor flying days in October.  There were 18 good flying days and 12 poor flying days in November.  Movements were up from a year ago.  It was moved by Taylor and supported by Smith “to accept the Manager’s Report.” Approved (4/0). 




1.      Terminal Building Subcommittee – McManus indicated that there was no formal report, but summarized the current status.  He indicated that the City has verbal and written commitments, but are still in the process of obtaining written commitments.  He added that Jim Reike, Dot Hornsby, and Stuart Bergstein have sent approximately 150 letters requesting pledges, primarily from pilots.  Taylor asked whether we should have approval from the City before accepting commitments.  McManus indicated that this was reviewed with City Finance and as long as this is left as a pledge at this point, we are fine. 

2.      Land Release – McManus indicated that we are still in negotiations and have nothing to report at this time.

3.      Construction Projects Update –Maki presented a current construction update.  Tree trimming is nearly complete for all runway approaches, and the project is in final clean-up stages.  Final inspection by the Bureau of Aeronautics will occur on December 11th.  Some settling of wire trenches have occurred which will be addressed by the electrical contractor on December 11th.  The Runway 06 approach needs more minor trimming by City DPS in the City Nursery, and the contractor is in the process of removing the remaining logs stacked west of Sturgeon Road.  Once tree trimming is completed, the new PAPI equipment can be placed in operation on Runway 06/24.  PAPI equipment on Runway 18/36 is in operation.    




  1. Hangar Sale – McManus reported that two bids were received and the high bidder went to Kent Properties, LLC, at $40,100.  The plan is to speak with the successful bidder to enter into a commercial contract.  Question by Taylor regarding whether we must take the high bidder.  A discussion of airport rules indicates that if the specifications are met, the purpose of the agreement would be in the best interest to award to the high bidder.  If the airport rules are not met, the purpose of the agreement would need approval by the commission.  We could reject all bids.  McManus added that this agreement would need approval from City Council area.  Taylor wondered if Dobbs submitted a bid.  McManus indicate that he did not. 
  2. The rental lease agreement is for $500 per month plus repairs. An alternate offer was provided after the bid deadline. The alternate offer was to lease for $500/month plus upgrade the hangar. Pollack asked for a motion to accept the agreement as submitted.  Smith moved and Taylor supported.  Approved (4/0).




1.      McManus read letter written by Donald Diebert.

2.      McManus mentioned that Mark Ostgarden, City Planning, indicated that based on his experience, we should develop a script explaining this commission’s purpose and process.  McManus and Pollack indicated that they would work on this for the next meeting.

3.      Jim Reike indicated that all is invited to an experimental aircraft open house on Sunday December 14, 2003 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in celebration of the Wright Brothers 100 years of flight and the holiday season.


It was moved by Smith and supported by Taylor to adjourn at 5:50 p.m.

Approved (4/0).