February 4, 2004



PRESENT:       Bergstein, Lind, Pollack, Smith, and Taylor


EXCUSED:      None


OTHERS:        Brian McManus, Steve Bile, John Palen


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                   


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:45 p.m.


Pollack presented an introduction for the committee’s first televised meeting.  Meetings are quarterly; May 5, Sept. 1, and Nov. 3 are subsequent meetings.  Airport Advisory Commission made up of a five member board comprised of 2 pilots, 2 public at large, and 1 representing the MBS International & Barstow Airport Commissions.  Terms are 3 years.  Airport Manager is City Engineer Brian McManus who serves as Executive Secretary.  Commission advises the City Council on user charges, other aviation costs and development plans affecting the use of Jack Barstow Airport.  Introduction of the Commissioners: Taylor (public at large), Smith (representing MBS and Barstow Airport Commissions), Bergstein (pilot), Pollack (chairman-public at large), Lind (pilot).


The minutes of the regular December 3 meeting was received and reviewed.  It was moved by Smith and supported by Taylor “to approve and file the minutes of the December 3 meeting”.  Approved (5/0).


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summaries for December 2003 and January 2003 were presented and reviewed. There were 16 good flying days and 15 poor flying days in December.  There were 19 good flying days and 12 poor flying days in January.  Movements were up from a year ago in December and down from a year ago in January.  A breakdown of the report was provided by Maki.  Taylor asked McManus what designates ‘good’ flying days in relation to ‘poor’ flying days.  McManus indicated that it was weather related. The airport operator, Steve Bile, will make an assessment of typical conditions.  Taylor asked if the information was subjective judgment and, not technical.  McManus indicated that it was subjective and taken once a day.  If conditions change after an assessment, the information may not be changed. Bergstein commented that the public should realize that a large number of usage is for training, not just private.  Taylor asked how a pilot would know which runway to land on.  McManus indicated that a pilot’s guide indicates the preferred runway to land on.  Bergstein added that pilots will also call in to the airport to determine wind direction for landing.  Taylor asked why movements are recorded off Runway 18/36 and what difference it makes.  McManus indicated that traffic using Runway 18/36 would fly over residential areas and the idea is to minimize the usage of Runway 18/36.  Pollack added that the comparison of runway use for the last 13 months shows that Runway 18/36 usage is minimized.  Bergstein added that the FAA has requested that pilots should fly as much as 200 feet higher than normal over residential areas to reduce noise.  It was moved by Smith and supported by Taylorto accept the Manager’s Report.” Approved (4/0). 




1.      Terminal Building Project Report – Bergstein indicated that the project funding is moving well, to the point when specifications can be given to design/build or architectural firms, hopefully by the end of the month with a 60 day submittal period.  Fundraising is going well.  There have been written commitments from Herbert H. & Grace Dow Foundation, the Gerstacker Foundation, and the Barstow Family Foundation.  The Strosacker meeting in May has this on their agenda.  Letters sent to 140 pilots with 61 pilots pledging monetary support of almost $21,000.  Chemical Bank made a very generous contribution also.  Bergstein added that with approval from the City, he would like to solicit other businesses in Midland.  The new terminal building would have a bulletin board indicating recognition of contributions.  Bergstein added that there is $410,000 gathered to this point which is close to the original estimate of $475,000.  Taylor asked whether the plan is to use a design/build approach.  McManus indicated this is true and that he is working with the purchasing agent and other members of the subcommittee for a draft specification. The hope is to have this completed soon.  Taylor commented that he would like to commend Bergstein on his efforts and time in this regard.  Bergstein added that the Barstow Airport Commission had help from Jim Reike, Linda Langrill, and Dot Hornsby.

2.      Construction Projects Update –Maki presented an update of the construction operations which occurred in 2003 and presented the proposed 2004 construction program.  In discussing the 2003 construction, Smith asked whether the new wiring placed will be adaptable to the new terminal building.  Maki and McManus indicated yes.  McManus added that the City was looking into the possibility of installing an electrical vault separated from the new terminal building.  Maki continued with discussing the 2003 project, funding, and construction operation, then proceeded to discuss the 2004 Taxi Street Improvements.  Pollack asked where the drainage from the airport goes.  Maki indicated to the Sturgeon Creek.  McManus added that drainage from this area will go to the Jacobs drain first.  Maki continued with 2004 project funding, then the construction operation to begin in July, 2004.  Smith asked why the project is starting so late.  Maki indicated that the City will receive their funding in July for this project.  McManus explained the process of bidding.  Taylor wondered whether the City could bump the projects a year so the funding coincides with the work.  This was noted.  McManus indicated that all proposed work may not be actually constructed.  It will depend on favorable bid.

3.      Land Release Update – McManus explained the meaning of land leases regarding ownership which is similar to the ratio used for construction projects.  Compared to property sales, a lease is more favorable because the proceeds can be directed towards operating costs and projects.  The City Attorney is in the process of negotiating a lease.  Taylor wondered if a special meeting should be scheduled then later suggested waiting to set a date until after some progress in this matter has occurred.  McManus added that tentatively keep a March 3 date in mind.  Also, there may be a possibility to combine the meeting with a progress update on the terminal building.  Bergstein wondered if we know what the dollar sum of the lease is.  McManus indicated that the property sum has an approximate $600,000 value, which computes to approximately $27,000 per year lease.  Bergstein added that this would mean less tax dollars for the airport and the location could not really be used for airport purposes.  Taylor asked how long the lease was.  McManus indicated a 30 year lease.  Pollack indicated that the commission would be dependent on McManus to guide the commission through the process.  




Bergstein provided McManus with information provided from Senator Stamas regarding funding program options from the Bureau of Economics.  McManus indicated that a meeting with the Bureau was scheduled for the near future and this would be discussed then.




Pollack indicated that a letter was received to him by Donald Diebert about the new terminal building.  Mr. Diebert wondered whether the subcommittee did research and compared this terminal building project to other airports.  Pollack indicated that a reply would be forthcoming.




Pollack indicated that all commissioners attended the Michigan Aeronautics Commission meeting.  Pollack added that they were given indication that future funding will likely be reduced. 


It was moved by Bergstein to adjourn at 6:40 p.m.

Approved (5/0).