May 5, 2004



PRESENT:       Bergstein, Lind, Pollack, Smith, and Taylor


EXCUSED:      None


OTHERS:        Brian McManus, Steve Bile, John Palen, Kathy Marchlewski, John Swantek


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                   


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


The minutes of the regular February 4 meeting was received and reviewed.  Several revisions were implemented as follows:  1. Smith-under Monthly Manager’s Report Summary revise following statement to “Taylor asked how a pilot would know which runway to land on.”.  2. Bergstein-under OLD BUSINESS revise following statement in the Terminal Building Project Report to “Bergstein added that the Barstow Airport Commission had help from Jim Reike, Linda Langrell, and Dot Hornsby.”.  It was moved by Bergstein and supported by Lind “to approve and file the minutes as revised of the February 4 meeting”.  Approved (5/0).


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summaries for February, March and April of 2004 were presented and reviewed in a quarterly format by Maki due to meetings now being quarterly. There were 55 good flying days and 35 poor flying days from February through March 2004.  Movements were slightly lower from a year ago in this time period.  Taylor asked why the Total Gallons of Fuel was higher when movements were lower.  The airport operator, Steve Bile, larger engine planes and business planes, such as mosquito control were obtaining fuel.  Lind indicated that training flights were down probably due to inappropriate winds.  It was moved by Smith and supported by Taylorto accept the Manager’s Report.” Approved (5/0). 




1.      Terminal Building Project Report – McManus reported that 3 of the 5 potential bidders were selected to move ahead with submitting their proposals.  The Request for Proposals are due May 11.  This process is set-up in a Design/Build format, which allows the bidders to submit competitive bid packages.  The review will be based on five areas or criteria:  cost, architectural design, function of the building, work plan, and schedule.  Taylor asked whether the commission will hold a special meeting to review submittals.  McManus indicated that the process was currently set-up to reconvene the Terminal Building Subcommittee, then present subcommittee recommendation to the commission.  McManus added that he was amenable to a special meeting.  Recommendation to come from commission before sending to City Council for approval.  Discussion ensued.  Bergstein mentioned that the commission should let McManus decide after the submittals come in what the next steps should be.    McManus added that the criteria breakdown provided places aesthetics as high importance.  Smith asked about a financial report.  McManus stated that MDOT will provide $35,000 funding and the City’s portion of $40,000 is being considered for the 04/05 budget.

2.      Construction Projects Update –Maki presented the proposed 2004 construction program.  Grant funding was clarified from the previous meeting.  Some discussion ensued regarding how the funding was allocated and what was available for construction activities.  Maki will review funding breakdown to make sure funding is properly allocated.    




  1. Land Release Update – McManus presented the Land Lease Agreement the attorneys worked out between the City and the Fair Board.  The annual rental rates are based on the parcel value, $600,000 times a capitalization fee, which will be approximately $27,000 per year for a 30 year lease.  Rental rates can be adjusted every five years.  Motion by Taylor, Bergstein seconded to approve lease.  Pollack asked for discussion first.  Lind asked whether the lease has to meet FAA regulations.  Lind asked whether the City has the right to cancel the lease.  McManus responded by indicating this is a 30 year lease, which can be cancelled after that point.  Bergstein added that the conditions regarding the lease would change if we changed the lease format.  Approved (5/0).
  2. FAA Tower Notices:  McManus indicated that two of the three towers reviewed met the zoning ordinance for placement.  One tower was in the Wal-Mart area met the FAA zoning and the MPS height requirement criteria of about 815 feet.  There was another location to the north of Letts Road near Eastman Avenue which also met requirements.  A third location, near Cohoon’s in downtown Midland did not initially meet the MPS height criteria, but another submittal has been received and will be reviewed.




Bergstein received comments indicating that Runway 6/24 should be extended.  Suggestion was brought to the floor to have Stephanie Ward of Mead and Hunt to start working on a request.  Pollack asked whether a feasibility study was needed.  Bergstein responded by indicating that is what they do.  Commission would need to obtain an estimate for this work.  Taylor asked whether obtaining a study is a priority.  Bergstein responded by indicating that not acting now could prolong the project to 2006.  Taylor asked to look at this feasibility and present the information at the next meeting.  Lind commented regarding the “COMMUNICATIONS” portion on the approved February minutes a reply was made to Mr. Diebert’s letter asking whether the subcommittee did research and compared this terminal building project with other airports.  McManus stated that he would check into whether the issue was taken care of.  McManus indicated that he would discuss the 5-year plan in September. 


Meeting was adjourned at 6:47 p.m.