June 2, 2004



PRESENT: Bergstein, Lind, Pollack, Smith, and Taylor


EXCUSED: Bergstein, Taylor


OTHERS: Brian McManus, Steve Bile, John Palen, Dot Hornsby, John Swantek, Tim Machelski, Doug Engwis, John Kemper, Walt Suminski , Lance Bickel, Jesse Fitzgibbons.



Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.





The only business on the agenda was the airport terminal building project. Brian McManus reviewed the progress of the terminal building project.


Three design build proposals were received for the proposed building. Proposals were received from Three Rivers Construction, Pumford Construction Gerace Construction Company. A review committee of seven selected Gerace Construction as the most favorable contractor. Gerace submitted conceptual building elevations (Options A, B, C) and a conceptual plan drawing.


Gerace briefly discussed the design build process.


The commission discussed the Gerace proposal and listened to public comments supporting the project. Dot Hornsby suggested that the commission be sure to keep the Jack Barstow displays in the new building and to make sure that the building is up to date technically. In addition Dot had some suggestions for the proposed meeting room.


Commissioner Smith indicated that he liked the Concept A exterior the best and made a motion that the terminal building project be advanced using Gerace Construction with preference towards Concept A exterior look. Lind supported the emotion and it passed 3/0.


Commissioners Lind and Pollack added that with the design build process the final view will be worked out and to keep in mind that it is only a concept at this time.

Pollack added that the steering committee should consider time in their schedule to inform the full commission of the project progress and at certain important milestones as determined by the steering committee cal a special commission meeting if necessary.



Meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm.