December 7, 2004



PRESENT:       Bergstein, Pollack, Dunn


EXCUSED:      Lind, Taylor


OTHERS:        Brian McManus, Steve Bile, John Palen, Jim Reike


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                   


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


The minutes of the regular September 7, 2004 meeting was received and reviewed.  It was moved by Bergstein and supported by Dunn “to approve and file the minutes of the September 7, 2004.”   Approved (3/0).   


The Quarterly Manager’s Report Summaries for September to November 2003 and 2004, as well as an Annual Manager’s Summary Report from November 2003 through November 2004 were presented and reviewed.  The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary from November 2003 through November 2004 was provided in the Commission packets.  There were 73 good flying days and 18 poor flying days between September 2004 and November 2004.  Movements were up from a year ago in this quarterly time period, but down slightly annually from the year previous.  A breakdown of the report was provided by Maki.  Bile indicated there was an increase in students and interest in this quarter.  It was moved by Dunn and supported by Bergstein “to accept the Manager’s Activity Report.” Approved (3/0).




1.      Terminal Building Project Report – McManus indicated that the project is moving forward and approximately 35% complete.  Pollack asked whether there were any surprises in construction.  McManus indicated there were no changes to the contract.  Bergstein questioned whether the sewer was hooked into the City sewer system.  McManus indicated yes and provided information regarding the previous septic system removal and the new pump system location directing sewage to the City sewer system.  It was noted that the coordination efforts for this project were positive.  






  1. 2005 Capital Projects: McManus indicated in August it was decided to design projects for 2005 instead of performing construction.  McManus indicated he recently attended the M.A.P. meeting in Lansing where he discussed designs for reconstruction and/or extension of both runways.  The 5-year plan was approved by Aeronautics and is summarized as follows: $110,000 in 2005 for design, $1,000,000 in 2006 for Rehabilitation of Runway 18/36, and lighting on parallel taxi ways in 2007.  ALP update in 2008, and Drainage, Electrical Gates, etc. for 2009.


McManus requested recommendation to City Council for project priorities for 2005.  Bergstein moved to approve the plan in principal and request funding for the 2005 budget.  However, this approval is contingent on review of future plans, such as changes to the 200’ Runway 6/24 extension.  Dunn asked how pilots could be involved in this process.  McManus indicated that should the project go to City Council, pilots will have an opportunity to comment.  Also, once the report is provided, it will be made available.  Dunn seconded.  Approved (3/0). 

  1. TSA Security Guidelines:  McManus reported that the guidelines are still under review by the City Engineer (McManus) and City Attorney.  City Attorney indicated that he could develop a guideline and seek input for the next meeting.  McManus added that any formats from commissioners and/or pilots, maybe developing a subcommittee are welcome.  It was mentioned that Commissioner Lind may want to be part of this.  The importance of addressing the security guidelines and how they will affect our rules was mentioned.  Bergstein mentioned that Mr. Lofton may be a good resource and that he should be contacted to see if he is willing to attend.  It was mentioned that the EAA may need to be part of this process.  McManus indicated that he would have at least an update by the next meeting.
  2. Community Roundtables:  McManus provided information regarding upcoming community roundtable discussions, which would provide an opportunity for property owners to be involved with the complete City budget process.  Planned sessions were included in the Commission packets for review.  Pollack indicated that he will be at the January 10, 2005 session to represent both personal interests and the Airport Commission. 
  3. Deer Control:  Pollack asked about status of this year’s controlled hunt.  McManus indicated that approximately 6 deer have been harvested, which may be a little down from last year.  Any harvest was donated to pantries.  McManus indicated he would provide a summary.  No indication from all present that there is currently a problem with deer management when questioned.
  4. McManus indicated that meetings for 2005 are now on Tuesday nights at 5:00 p.m. with the next two meetings scheduled for February 1 and May 3, 2005.




Pollack motioned to adjourn.  Bergstein so moved.

Approved (3/0).