March 8, 2005



PRESENT:       Dunn, Taylor, Pollack, Janson


EXCUSED:      Bergstein


OTHERS:        Approximately 20-30 in attendance


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                   


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. and welcomed Jim Janson to the Commission.


The minutes of the regular December 7, 2004 meeting was received and reviewed.  It was moved by Dunn and supported by Taylor “to approve and file the minutes of the December 7, 2004.”   Approved (4/0).   


The Quarterly Manager’s Report Summaries for December 2004 through February 2005 was presented and reviewed.  The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary from March 2004 through February 2005 was provided in the Commission packets.  There were 67 good flying days and 23 poor flying days from December 2004 through February 2005.  Movements were slightly up from a year ago in this quarterly time period.  A breakdown of the report was provided by Maki.  Janson asked whether the business numbers were for actual businesses. Bile indicated that they were.  It was moved by Dunn and supported by Taylorto accept the Manager’s Activity Report.” Approved (4/0).




1.      Janson had questions about airport operations.  A response letter from the Airport Manager in this regard is forthcoming.   




  1. Jim Branson, City Attorney provided brief description of the current airport rules and the potential changes for consideration.  Airport Rules were last updated in 1997 and it is time to update again.  Jim indicated that the current document was not meant to be rubber stamped, and the City Attorney must be able to enforce it.  It was made clear through discussion that this document is one that we wish to make sure all affected parties can live with it.  There was much discussion about how to proceed with review and obtaining public involvement. 


Pollack asked about timing for completing review.  Branson indicated approximately one week.  Pollack asked when copies would be made available.  McManus indicated it would take approximately 2 weeks for final draft.  Pollack asked where the copies would be made available.  McManus indicated that they would be mailed to pilots.  Branson added that there are a number of ways to receive the information such as the Library, or other electronic methods.  Janson indicated that he has some problems with portions of the rules that he would like public involvement on. 


Janson indicated that some Hangars are taxed as commercial property.  McManus indicated that this should be for personal property, but there may be other reasons.  The request was made to have this reviewed by the City Attorney.  Janson indicated that he would like to see detailed maps showing zoning at the airport.  McManus indicated that we have them in our Airport Land Use Plan (ALP).


After much discussion about the set-up of sub-committee meetings and public involvement, it was decided to have a weeknight meeting in early April to begin at 6:00 p.m. at the earliest, then possibly another meeting before the next Commission meeting in May.  Pollack also suggested that the EAA have a meeting to discuss this.


  1. Terminal Building Dedication:  McManus indicated that the new terminal building should be operational in late April to early May and that the façade is not complete.  Looking for late May to have most work completed.  McManus indicated that Bergstein would like a dedication in August, so make sure all contributors to this project are available.  The City plans to assist with the P.R. for this event.  The EAA volunteered to be involved.  A 4-5 person dedication committee will get together on this and report to the Commission.  Pollack asked whether this event could be tied to another event.  McManus indicated that this is being considered.  The dedication committee was suggested by Taylor to be comprised of the EAA, Airport Manager, City P.R. person, and a committee member.


  1. Community Roundtables:  Pollack provided background of the community roundtable sessions held earlier this year.  Some of the main notes were:  1. Can the City reduce subsidy to the Airport, which is approximately $100,000/yr?  2. The net cost to the City is $110,000.  3. What can the City do to reduce costs?  4. 5. Costs were reduced by hiring a contractor to oversee the operations of the airport. 6. Place more hangars (all are leased…there is a waiting list….lease land on Sturgeon?....17 acres have been leased to fairgrounds.


  1. McManus provided a brief synopsis of the final report regarding the roundtable sessions.


Janson provided a written document he had written indicating the need to create a committee to evaluate the performance of the Airport as they compare with other airports with the idea of identifying opportunities for improvements.  There was some discussion by Dunn and Taylor as to what the committee would actually do.  Taylor indicated that forming committees is not necessarily the best way to go, but it may be ok just for finding things and promoting purposes.  Taylor also indicated that he would like to see what the Airport Manager’s report to City Council is going to be first.  Janson asked what Council would be looking for.  McManus indicated that they would be looking for a comprehensive report, that Council made the decision to operate the airport, and we will get some feedback from Council on this.
Some clarification was provided by the audience regarding the document provided by Janson.  Jim Reike indicated he was looking for continuity and consistency from the City Attorney.  He does not believe the airport is divided, but that we all need to get on the bandwagon to protect this valuable asset to the City.  He indicated that the evaluation of the rules is an opportunity for problems to be addressed and many do not know how the rules should be interpreted.  Taylor indicated that he thought these issues are being addressed, and is what was being discussed at this meeting.
Pollack indicated he would like to see some informational committee formed to check operational performance. Janson added that he wondered why this airport is not operating as well as others.  Janson indicated that he would not make a motion until after the rules sessions are completed and reported on in May.  Janson also indicated that he was concerned that the image of the airport was not improved based on the results of the roundtable sessions.  Dunn added that getting an understanding of how we have compared to other airports is beneficial.



Meeting was adjourned at 6:20 p.m.