August 3, 2005



PRESENT:       Bergstein, Pollack, Woodruff, Siemer


EXCUSED:      Janson


OTHERS:        Steve Bile


REPORTED BY:  McManus                                      


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. and introduced the two new members of the commission Richard Siemer and Rhode Woodruff.


At the July 25, 2005 meeting City Council referred a letter from Midland County to various city commissions. The letter pointed out several City owned properties and asked the City whether those properties are available at the present time for a potential jail site. The City Council desires the appropriate commissions to review the requests and respond back by the August 8 council meeting.


The County has requested that we review airport property located on Airport Road between the Fairgrounds entrance and Barstow Drive, or other areas of the Barstow Airport property.


Discussion ensued regarding the 17 acre parcel recently leased to the Midland County Fair Board. The parcel is under a 30 year lease.


Siemer indicated that the 17 acre parcel could potentially be a good future jail site and from an aviation standpoint does not see any conflicts. The parcel is out of flight paths.


Bergstein and Woodruff agreed and indicated that the County and Fair Board would need to discuss lease issues to see if it would be possible to open the site up as a candidate.


Further discussion by the commission that ensued indicated that as far as other sites are concerned there may be property that could be used; however, airport property is not totally under the jurisdiction of the City. The FAA would need to release the property for other than airport uses and that can be a long and cumbersome process. The release of the 17 acres took about three years.


Bergstein stated that any potential non-airport use should not be to the detriment of the viability of Barstow.



After final discussions the following summary statement motion was made by Bergstein and seconded by Siemer:


The Barstow Aviation Advisory Commission is willing to consider recommending to the City Council that the 17 acre parcel between Barstow Drive and the Fairgrounds entrance be made available for leasing as a potential jail site. It should be noted that this parcel is currently under a long term lease to the Midland County Fair Board.


The use of other airport lands would be subject to FAA approval and viability of the airport.


Passed 4/0



Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 p.m.