September 6, 2005



PRESENT:       Siemer, Bergstein, Woodruff, Janson, Pollack


EXCUSED:      None


OTHERS:        Steve Bile, John Palen, Tony Lascari, Dot Hornsby, Jim Rieke, Jack Hallett


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                   


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. and welcomed Richard Siemer and Rhode Woodruff to the Commission.


The minutes of the special August 3, meeting was received and reviewed. Note, minutes were not provided for the special May 10th meeting as there was not Quorum.  Janson was not in attendance for the August 3 meeting and noted for the record that he was not in support of the motion made at this meeting.  It was moved by Woodruff and supported by Siemer “to approve and file the minutes of the August 3.”   Approved (5/0).   


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summaries for March through August 2005 was presented and reviewed.  This information was provided in the Commission packets.  There were 163 good flying days and 21 poor flying days from March through August 2005.  Movements were up about 17% from a year ago during the same time period.  Siemer asked why fuel sales were lower but use was higher.  It was explained by Maki that the type of planes will use more gas and when the use occurs can vary.  Discussion ensued.  Bile’ indicated that gas could be purchased elsewhere and that some planes that used more fuel are no longer at the airport.  It was moved by Siemer and supported by Bergstein “to accept the Manager’s Activity Report.” Approved (5/0).




1.      Airport Rules:  McManus indicated that the major parts of the rules have been revised and indicated commercial operations is not completed and may require another special meeting to resolve.  Janson indicated it would be good to go over the commercial rules, and then separate the general and commercial rules.  Siemer and Pollack asked for a date for this meeting/event.  After discussion, it was decided that the Tuesday, October 11th would be the time for this meeting.

2.      Barstow Public Relations Planning:  Note: Janson suggested this be moved from the New Business portion of the agenda to Old Business.  Janson indicated that he believes a public relations sub-committee is needed for promoting aviation with the idea of getting the word out that the airport is worth coming to.  It was decided by the commission that Janson will head this sub-committee and possibly have City P.R. personnel represented.  McManus added that he will be involved to some capacity whether on the sub-committee or not.  Janson will provide a list of what is expected of the new sub-committee.  McManus added that he would need to see a mission statement and what the sub-committee would be trying to accomplish.  Pollack added to look into what other airports are doing.  It was noted that the next meeting will be November 1st.




  1. Annual Michigan Airport Programming (MAP) Meeting:  McManus referred to the information packet and indicated the 5-year plan list is more like a wish list, but helps the commission prioritize projects.  McManus indicated that we are in the contractual stages of proposed design indicated on the 5-year plan and funding has been approved.  McManus emphasized that the future Runway 18/36 improvements are estimated including engineering and construction costs.  Discussion ensued regarding extending Runway 6/24 regarding total length and feasibility.  It was decided that this information would become clearer with the design work.  Bile’ added that the magic number to go for is 4500 feet for jets.  Jack Hallett added that he supports lengthening the runway as far as possible and suggested using displaced thresholds. Jim Rieke agreed with Hallett and added that there was difficulty for some to land for the recent dedication of the Terminal Building.  Woodruff added that it will be important to let the public know that the types of jets that would be landing here would be quieter that what is experienced now.


Discussion ensued about adding an AWOS system in the 5-year plan.  McManus indicated that past estimates were in the $100,000 range and other means can be used to obtain some of the data that the AWOS system would provide.  Discussion ensued about the need and benefits for implementing the system.  McManus and Siemer suggested to the commission that the system would need to be prioritized and justified to become reality.  Siemer added that the airport would benefit when pilots are in the air returning to the airport and when the airport is unattended.  Pollack suggested that the commissioners individually review this and get comments to Brian in the next couple weeks so he has enough time to prepare for the Oct. 6th meeting.


Woodruff asked what priority is placed on projects.  McManus indicated that runways are most important, but sometimes lower projects are still awarded such as the recent taxi street project.  Woodruff pointed out that he wanted to make sure lighting is maintained at the airport.


  1. Aerial Tower Request:  Actual request is for a 100 foot tall flag pole near the intersection of Joe Mann Boulevard and Cinema Drive, which meets aerial tower criteria.  Discussion ensued.  A motion by Woodruff was seconded by Pollack.  Approved (5/0).


  1. Terminal Building Financial Summary:  McManus indicated that this looked pretty good right.  The totals indicate a negative balance, however the donations are for three years and two years have been obtained.  Also MDOT reimbursements are expected.


  1. Commission Meeting Dates:  Discussion ensued about how many to have, the day, and the times.  It was determined that the meeting schedule be extended to 6 meetings next year.  The 2006 meeting dates will be January 10, March 7, June 6, September 5, November 7, and December 5.  All meetings will be held at 5:00 p.m.  Motion by Janson to have the 2006 meetings on the first Tuesdays of January, March, June, September, November, and December at 5:00 p.m. was supported by Woodruff.  (Approved 5/0).


Janson indicated that Doc Schriner’s area is having drainage problems.  McManus indicated that there has never been a drainage system in this area.  Reike indicated there was a problem 2-3 years ago.  He also indicated that Lee had water a number of years ago and dug a ditch to help with drainage.  He added that hangars heave to a point where the doors will not open.  McManus indicated that he had spoken to Shriner in the past and thought this was taken care of, but that this can be handled administratively.  Janson asked whether this could be added with other work.  McManus indicated that we first need to determine what the problem is.



Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.