January 10, 2006



PRESENT: Woodruff, Siemer, Janson, Pollack


EXCUSED: Bergstein


OTHERS: John Palen, Tony Lascari, FBO Representation, Linda Langrill, Tom Ryden



Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


The minutes of the regular November 1, 2005 meeting was received and reviewed. It was moved by Siemer and supported by Janson to approve and file the minutes of the November 1, 2005. Approved (4/0).


The Monthly Managers Report Summaries for November and December 2005 was presented and reviewed. Comparisons were made with the same time period the previous year. A similar presentation was provided for 2005 annual totals. Pertinent information was provided in the Commission packets. There were 25 good flying days and 36 poor flying days for November and December 2005. Movements were down from a year ago during the same time period primarily due to adverse weather such as low ceilings, fog, no sunshine, etc. Fuel sales were also down. However, report totals for the year were similar to a year ago. Pollack indicated that the total movements on Runway 18/36 were down which reflects that users of the airport are aware and sensitive to noise in residential areas. Reports were received.



1.      Airport Rules: McManus indicated staff is still pursuing information regarding commercial rules, and will hopefully have more information by the next meeting. Janson asked whether there was a problem with adopting the general rules, since they are ready now, and having the commercial rules adopted at a later time. McManus indicated he had no problem with moving forward with adopting the general rules; however, there should be another commission meeting to formally go over the rules prior to requesting the updates to City Council for adoption. Siemer and Woodruff indicated they supported this action as well. Woodruff and Janson indicated they would support a special meeting so this could be approved sooner rather than waiting for the March meeting to approve the general rules updates. Pollack asked to have the final documents provided to the commission for review. McManus indicated he would set up a special meeting. Janson suggested the rules be posted at the terminal building as well.

2.      Sky Taxi Report: McManus recapped the purpose of Sky Taxi services. He indicated that there has been some delay due to the fact that the company founder had some recent health problems and that the business is doing so well that they cannot keep-up with the demand for plane production. They are still interested in Midland. Siemer asked what the nearest location is that has this service. It was believed that Hillsdale was the nearest location.




1.      Runway 18-36 Pre-Design Meeting: Maki provided a brief summary of the pre-design meeting held on December 16th with representatives from MBOA, design consultant (Mead & Hunt), the City and Steve Bile. (FBO). A preliminary design schedule was provided. Also discussed at the meeting was various staging of the construction, materials and the possibility of runway lighting to be added to the project, if the work can be completed within the established budget.


2.      Airport Services Contract (New Item added by Pollack): Pollack introduced a motion to request City Council to notify the current contract holder that the current contract will be reopened to review and assess the scope of services offered and cost of providing such services. This action was based on community input from sessions conducted in early 2005, and a request by city council members to review all operating costs associated with Barstow Airport. Janson moved and Seimer seconded. Discussion ensued. McManus indicated that there are three options to consider: Doing nothing, negotiate the contract, or re-bid the contract. All recommendations would need to be approved by City Council. The contract has not been re-bid in 8 years. This is the largest single expenditure of the airport budget. McManus indicated that we could see more services and better prices or vice-versa. Janson asked whether the current contract holder would be able to compete. McManus indicated yes. Woodruff indicated that caution should be used for setting-up this contract. He added that he felt maintenance activities are great compared to other airports in the area. He wants to make sure that funds are used wisely and make sure the potential contract holder can maintain the current services at hopefully a lower cost, but to be aware that if services are expanded may have some trade-off for the quality we are currently receiving. All commissioners agreed that it is important to make sure language in the new agreement is worded properly and addresses possible concerns. Pollack indicated that the motion was on the floor. Approved (4/0). McManus was directed to notify City Council. The next City Council meeting is on January 23rd.


Prior to public comment, Siemer asked whether responses were provided regarding the AWOS system. McManus indicated that we are still looking to obtain further information and the system is still on the 5-year plan. Siemer requested review of the 5-year plan to discuss priorities at the next meeting.



Steve Bile (FBO) commented that they are a part 135 business, with the ability to provide other services.


McManus indicated that the schedule for 2006 meetings is located in the packet and that the March meeting was moved ahead one week to March 14th to make sure all commissioners could attend.


Meeting was adjourned at 5:38 p.m.