June 6, 2006



PRESENT:†††††† Pollack, Siemer, Bergstein, Janson, Woodruff


OTHERS:††††††† Approximately 10 were in attendance.


REPORTED BY:Bradd Maki†††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


Commissioner Pollack requested that the agenda be revised move Item 6c ĎStevenís Aviation Recognitioní to Item 3.


The minutes of the regular March 16, 2006 meeting was received and reviewed.It was moved by Siemer and supported by Bergstein ďto approve and file the minutes of the March 16, 2006.Ē†† Approved (5/0).†††


Special recognition was provided to Stevenís Aviation for years of service to the airport.Related comment read by Maki and certificate provided.Steve Bileí was on hand to accept the recognition.


The Monthly Managerís Report Summaries for March, April, and May of 2006 were presented and reviewed.Comparisons were made with the same time period the previous year.Pertinent information was provided in the Commission packets.There were 67 good flying days and 25 poor flying days for March-May 2006.Movements were down from a year ago during the same time period primarily due to adverse weather such as three-times the rainfall as the previous year.Bergstein indicated business flights were the same while training and pleasure were down.Fuel sales were slightly above the numbers from a year ago.Janson indicated that more fuel is being purchased.McManus added that the transition to City operated fuel sales recently may have affected the numbers and they will be tracked through time.


The Airport Maintenance Status Report was provided by the new airport services contractor, J.T. Rairigh of Quality Aviation Services.Raraigh briefly described his operations and how he came to be in this position.He was appreciative of the support he has been given by the airport manager (McManus) and the previous contractor (Stevenís Aviation).He now resides in Midland.Raraigh summarized how the fuel system has changed and that more efficient methods have been developed.Grounds maintenance activities involved repair of fuel nozzles and cables, mowing is behind schedule primarily due to a wet spring, sod repairs were needed.He indicated one of his most important jobs was to make others feel welcome.Raraigh described some events that have occurred.




1.      Airport Promotion Committee Status Report:Janson indicated that one meeting has been held Dot Hornsby, Dave Schmelzer, Jim Cordis, Linda Langrill, Rairigh, and Janson.Some ideas coming from the meeting include a playground for kids, providing an aviation day for rides for the public, open house, pancake breakfast with the possible inclusion of a car club showing.Pollack suggested other events with the breakfast and asked whether public announcements were made.Linda Langrill indicated several public announcement methods being utilized such as back page ads of the Midland Daily News and fliers.Siemer asked Janson whether there were any formative ideas.Janson indicated that the playground idea is a good idea, but would need to work with City regarding funding and liability insurances.Bergstein liked the aviation day idea.

2.      Status of Runway 18/36 Project:Maki reported current status of the project.Favorable bids were received.Work comprised of reconstruction of runway and parallel taxiway, Medium intensity (runway lighting) and reflectors on the taxiway.Scheduling to be determined at an upcoming pre-construction meeting.Project phasing was addressed with the first phase near the FBO hangar to minimize disruption.Janson asked whether a displaced runway was ok to implement.MDOT did not like this idea and it was not included.McManus indicated this could be looked at to determine MDOTís reason for opposition.Siemer indicated that ample warning would be required for closure.

3.      Airport Rules Status Report:McManus indicated that we were gearing-up for the commercial rules.†† Discussion with the City Attorney indicated some dates to consider, June 28th, July 5th and July 6th.The meeting would be set for 7:00 p.m. at the EAA building.Pollack indicated that a definition of Commercial Operations is needed.Woodruff motioned for a June meeting.A June 28th meeting was accepted.General rules will be posted at the airport.




1.      EAA Presentation:Linda Langrill provided a visual presentation on happenings at the airport relating to business, youth activities, and community events.She began by describing the terminal building functions and attributes as well as the airport services contractor.Langrill described some business services and events such as employment, charter/freight operations, training, business flights, and various special events. Discussed various youth programs, such as training and tours and followed-up with events such as pancake breakfasts, safety events, and air tours.Langrill indicated that many users have built their own planes.Also, Langrill indicated that the future of aviation at local airports will be light jet use.


2.†† Landing of Helicopters on Public Property:McManus addressed this topic by providing information about why this is being reviewed by the commission.  City Council received a request for Helicopter landing on public property for a Dow Run/Walk at Central Intermediate School.  City Ordinance did previously allow private property landings.  Council approved the request and also requested the Aviation Advisory Commission for advice and recommendations regarding helicopter landings.


Pollack indicated that safety and noise are the main issues.  Pollack had earlier discussion with City staff for regarding FAA requirements and indicated requirements for helicopter landing (at heliports) require a 200' area/opening.  Landings are safer with more separation and should be a limited event.   One suggestion was that requests should go through City Council for approval on a case-by-case-basis.  McManus added that staff completed brief research regarding use and that the FAA has a definition for one-time use (up to ten times per year).  Over ten times would require the heliport landing standards.  The City would be responsible for necessary paperwork.  Siemer asked whether this should be deferred to the FAA for recommendations.  Bergstein indicated that the current standards do not appear to be a problem.  Jansen added the last time this issue came up was about 25 years ago.  McManus clarified the FAA does not have rules for one-time landings, only heliports.  Jansen requested the opinion of the new Assistant Airport Manager, J.T. Raraigh or Quality Aviation Services regarding helicopter rules (FAR regulations) as he is a helicopter flier.  Raraigh indicated there are very few restrictions and added that helicopters can land in tighter spaces as they are more maneuverable than planes.


A clarification was made that this review is not about emergency landings as they are approved.  Jansen indicated that 125' feet clearance is ok (current City standards), but thinks the City should have approval in all cases.  Jansen suggested that "Helicopters can land at any approved heliport within the City of Midland without prior permission of the City.  Any other landing on public or private property must have prior permission from the City of Midland.  Landing for emergency or medivac reasons do not have to comply with this rule."  Woodruff indicated that the ability to land will be prohibited with this type of motion and he will not vote for it.  Woodruff added that he would like to leave the ordinance as is due to the fact that only one other issue occurred in 25 years.  Bergstein indicated he would like City Council to approve all landings unless appropriate heliports are installed.  Discussion ensued whether Jansen's motion would prohibit helicopter landings.  Motion was on the floor from Jansen regarding the use of helicopters on public or private property is as follows:  "Helicopters can land at any approved heliport within the City of Midland without prior permission of the City.  Any other landing on public or private property must have prior permission from the City of Midland.  Landing for emergency or medivac reasons do not have to comply with this rule."  Bergstein seconded.  Motion carried 4-1 with Woodruff casting the single "No" vote.†† †††



Bergstein began discussion regarding a sports pilot license to help pilots with getting recertified.This would offer some ability for people to fly.A place in Hillsdale offers this type of service.Janson indicated that we should first get a clear definition of what a commercial operation is.The current rules indicate that operations include being a commercial operation at the airport with a building, insurance, and other requirements.McManus recommends waiting until the commercial rules are defined before proceeding.Bergstein indicated that the FBO could work with a service like this so it could happen.Further discussion ensued regarding liability with a sports pilot license.Don Beckwith (visitor) indicated where rules can be found from the EAA website.He indicated there are no planes currently available at this airport.


Dot Hornsby (visitor) invited the commissioners to Midlandís Aviation Camp.The camp holds sixteen students.Rhode Woodruff motions for recognition of Dotís positive influence to services to City and the airport.Siemer seconds the motion.Approved (5/0).


Jim Reike (visitor) indicated the need for clean airplanes to teach students and a need to finance this problem.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:32 p.m.