November 21, 2006



PRESENT:       Janson, Bergstein, Siemer, Pollack


EXCUSED:      Woodruff 


OTHERS:        J.T. Rairigh, Jim Reike, John Palen, Tony Lascari, Linda Langrill, Steve Bile, Dave Schmelzer, Howard Magee, and one other in attendance.


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                   


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.  Prior to the roll call, Pollack acknowledged the passing of pilot Martin Witkop.  Also, Pollack requested the agenda be revised to include Item 6b with Item 5a.


The minutes of the regular September 5, 2006 and October 12, 2006 special meetings were received and reviewed.  A clarification by Siemer to add the word “City” between the words “indicated costs” in the September 5 minutes under NEW BUSINESS was noted.  Also, in the same minutes, Janson indicated that “ICS” should be “ILS”.  It was moved by Janson and supported by Siemer “to approve and file the minutes as amended of the September 5, 2006 meeting and October 12, 2006 special meeting.”   Approved (4/0).   


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summaries for August, September, and October of 2006 were presented and reviewed.  Comparisons were made with the same time period the previous year.  Pertinent information was provided in the Commission packets and at meeting time.  There were 66 good flying days and 26 poor flying days for August-October 2006.  Movements were down from a year ago during the same time period primarily due to and increase in poor flying days and training declines since the airport currently has no flight school operations.  Fuel sales were also below the numbers from a year ago.  However, the fuel purchases per flight have increased.  It was moved by Siemer and supported by Janson “to accept the Monthly Manager’s Report Summary.”   Approved (4/0).


The Airport Maintenance Status Report was provided by J.T. Rairigh.  Rairigh acknowledged the passing of Mr. Witkop then proceeded to discuss what is occurring at the airport, such as a brief summary of the promotion committee activities, some additional fax and wireless browser features with the DSL broadband services, repairs to Hangar 2B and the maintenance garage, crack sealing, drainage improvements by the hangars, and increases in the waiting list for hangars both at the airport and the EAA.  Pollack asked why we are having a waiting list.  Rairigh indicated that folks are moving here that fly.  Pollack asked about an action of list of winter items.  Rairigh indicated he has a to-do list.  Pollack wondered whether we used de-icing agents on the runways.  Rairigh indicated not likely, but there are some de-icers on the market that could work.  Siemer asked whether the snow plow was ready to go.  Rairigh indicated yes, and described the recent maintenance to the vehicle. 




1.      Airport Promotion Committee Status Report:  Janson introduced David Schmelzer of the committee who provided an overview of what the committee’s purpose was, which included creating a positive interest in the airport and aviation community and making the airport enjoyable to the non-aviation public.  Some activities the committee is working on involve re-establishing the observation area, improving public assess areas, planning events, and creating a positive presence.  Bergstein asked about and encouraged color tour rides.  Schmelzer indicated this was possible if the proper parameters are met.  Pollack encouraged presentations in the community similar to past presentations provided by Linda Langrill.  Langrill described the “Operation Good Cheer” event on Dec. 7th.  Janson introduced Howard Magee of the 82nd Airborne Division, Mid Michigan Chapter who is planning a WWII enactment/event at the airport on August 4, 2007.  Magee indicated this airport was the best location and would provide the best facilities for the event when compared to other possible locations.  The intent is to honor WWII vets more locally as they are aging and will not have to travel large distances for similar events.  Event will be an historical representation of a 1942 training camp with equipment, mess hall, and air drop. Janson ended report by indicating that committee meetings take place once a month.  McManus indicated that the City Manager must support this and possibly City Council.  A motion was suggested.  Janson motioned to support the 82nd Airborne Day Event set for August 4th.  Siemer seconded (Approved 4/0).

2.      Status of Runway 18/36 Project:  Maki provided a summary of the Runway 18/36 rehabilitation project by highlighting the types of work and the construction completion.  Drainage improvements and a crack repair adjacent to the apron were added to the project.




1.      Cell Phone Tower Installation:  McManus summarized the past review of a proposed Verizon cell phone tower to be located north of Jacobs Drain and Wal-Mart.  He indicated that the past review was rejected due to not meeting height requirements due to the State’s Tall Structures Act.  Verizon has submitted a revised plan that lowers the tower height to acceptable requirements and the construction will move forward.    


2.      Recommendation for Airport Rules:  McManus provided an overview of the airport rules changes and the process used for developing the final rules.  McManus clarified that these rules are for the commission to receive, obtain public comment and approve.  Pollack asked about how amendments would occur if necessary.  McManus indicated this was not an ordinance but would require City Council approval.  The process and time frame for obtaining amendment approvals should be short.  Janson wondered about a needed change in the fire regulations and addressed City Attorney Jim Branson, specifically regarding rules for using a torch in a hangar.  Branson indicated that this was not clarified and should be tonight before approval.  It was agreed that approval of the rules would include a qualifier indicating that the fire regulation rule does not apply to maintenance activities in a hangar using a torch.  Bile asked about why flight schools were exempt from land lease while he had to pay a land lease.  Branson addressed by indicating that the established rules are a compromise reached from consensus of past meetings and the new rules are somewhat fair for everyone at the airport.  Fight schools are needed.  Janson asked whether freelancing is not operating a flight school and on the flip side that an office on the field is considered a commercial operation.  Branson indicated yes.  Siemer indicated he wants to encourage training.  Pollack suggested moving forward.  Reike received clarification regarding ground school instruction as compared to flight school instruction.  Janson motioned to “accept the airport rules as amended and present the rules to City Council for approval”.  Siemer seconded. Approved (4/0).







Meeting was adjourned at 6:22 p.m.