June 5, 2007



PRESENT:      Woodruff, Siemer, Janson, Pollack


EXCUSED:    Bergstein 


OTHERS:       J.T. Rairigh, John Palen, Tony Lascari, Dot Hornsby, Jim Rieke, Don Beckwith, Rean Woodruff


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                            


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. 


The minutes of the regular January 9, 2007 meeting were received and reviewed.  It was moved by Janson and supported by Siemer “to approve and file the minutes as amended of the March 13, 2007 meeting.”   Approved (4/0).   


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summaries for March 2007 through May 2007 were presented and reviewed by J.T. Rairigh.  Comparisons were made with the same time period the previous year.  Pertinent information was provided at the meeting time.  There were 66 good flying days and 26 poor flying days for this period.  Training increased when comparing the numbers for the month of May.  Fuel sales were up.  Siemer inquired about the current price of fuel. Rairigh indicated the price is currently $3.98/gallon. 


The Airport Maintenance Status Report was provided by J.T. Rairigh.  Mowing was going well this year.  Brush clearing has occurred on the airport and is placed in piles for removal.  The maintenance garage door was sealed for better insulation in the winter.  Janson indicated he was impressed with the mowing.  He asked whether the county insect control planes brought in their own fuel or purchased fuel through us.  Of the two one brought their own fuel and paid a flowage fee which has been paid.  The other bought fuel from the airport.  Discussion ensued regarding use of automobile gas, or Mogas, at the airport.  Rairigh indicated that this fuel is used in planes all over the country, but suggested that a large supply would not be necessary if implemented at the airport.  It is believed that Pinconning Airport provides this service.  McManus indicated there is currently a shortage of tank space at the airport; however the feasibility of providing this service could be looked into.  Options mentioned were use of the old fuel truck or a pull cart.  Motion made by Janson to “have J.T. Rairigh check into the feasibility of having automobile gas available on the airport and provide related information on the web”.  Woodruff seconded.  Approved (4/0).


Rairigh provided a brief update of flight training as the numbers were up by almost double over the same time last year in May. 




1.      Promotion Committee Report – Janson indicated a letter has been sent by email and postal service sent to all airports in the area showing events at the airport and in the area.  Within one month or less calls have been received and are creating positive feedback.  Janson added that currently the airport does not have a good observation area.  Renderings supplied from Jim Cordes were provided showing an observation plan.  This is the big project the committee is working towards.  The committee is also looking at an Airport Aviation Day in October, and mentioned the Airborne Days event in August.  Woodruff asked whether the observation platform should be elevated.  Janson indicated it is planned to be elevated by one or two feet.  Janson added that it would be nice to see it three or four feet high. 

2.      Airport Aerial Zoning Update – McManus indicated there was no formal subcommittee meeting held at this time, he and the City Planning Department are currently active is collecting necessary research.  The current zoning has more authority than originally thought.  The current plan was completed under the Statewide Zoning Act, which is good and enforceable but needs to be up-to-date.  The recommendation is to move forward and be similar to MBS.  Further information is expected from Lynn Smith at the State, followed by subcommittee meetings.  This is expected to be a 3-6 month process.  Some emphasis will be on vertical zoning.  Tighter or lower height restrictions on structures may be needed for approaches.  Existing zoning is tight between airports.  The airport could be less restrictive if we detach ourselves from the surrounding airports, however, the State or FAA would make sure we are not too liberal with our own zoning.




a.       AWOS update-Maki provided a brief chronology of events leading up to the current status of funding for implementation of an AWOS system.  MDOT is having funding issues and currently will not provide funds for installation or maintenance.  An informational meeting was held with Gary Ross from MDOT regarding the system on April 19th.  A consensus was reached to proceed with an AWOS system.  In keeping with the 5-year plan, MDOT placed a formal request for $135,000 of entitlement funds to privately purchase and install the system.  A summary of annual maintenance costs were also provided to the commission.


McManus added that $14,000 was the average annual maintenance cost for the system.  Data reporting is the highest estimated cost at $365/month.  Woodruff inquired about why this is needed.  Without this service, the system would only provide information locally, not nationally.  





Don Beckwith indicated that a number of programs can be scheduled remotely when discussed with MCTV and the August 82nd Airborne event should be on TV.  Dot Hornsby indicated there were 14 people on the waiting list for Aviation Camp for next year.  Aviation Camp is scheduled for June 18th -23rd. There is a pancake breakfast on June 30th.  The last event had 55 planes, which is a good turnout with probably 300 to 400 meals.  There will be another pancake breakfast in September.  There will be an Aviation Day on October 13th.  Dot also thanked J.T. Rairigh for the mowing.  Woodruff asked how long the camp has been going.  Dot indicated this was the 12th year with approximately 150 over the years as she tries to keep the classes to no more than 16 students per year.  Beckwith indicated other programs could be televised on what the airport could do for others, such as fly-overs, the Young Eagles, Airplanes being built, the EAA, etc.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:07 p.m.