September 4, 2007



PRESENT:      Bergstein, Janson, Pollack, Woodruff (5:28 p.m.)


EXCUSED:    Seimer 


OTHERS:       J.T. Rairigh, John Palen, Dot Hornsby, Don Beckwith, Cathy Nelson Price


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                            


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. 


The minutes of the regular June 5, 2007 meeting were received and reviewed.  It was moved by Janson and supported by Bergstein “to approve and file the minutes of the June 5, 2007 meeting.”   Approved (3/0 – Woodruff not present).   


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summaries for May 2007 through July 2007 were presented and reviewed by Bradd Maki.  Comparisons were made with the same time period the previous year.  Pertinent information was provided at the meeting time.  There were 78 good flying days and 14 poor flying days for this period.  Training and pleasure trips increased in 2007 when compared to the same three month period last year.  Fuel sales were up by over 50% from the previous year.    


The promotion committee report was moved up in the agenda and provided prior to the Airport Maintenance Status Report.  However, the promotion committee report is provided under “Old Business” in these minutes. 


The Airport Maintenance Status Report was provided by J.T. Rairigh.  Rairigh provided gratitude for all the volunteer help during the Airborne Days event, including EAA, airport and City staff, and members of the commission.  Pollack asked about the attendance levels and Rairigh indicated the actual numbers were unknown, but there was a good showing.  Mowing is going well.  Thick brush was being cleared on the north end of the airport to prevent deer cover and improve safety.  The largest cracks in the airport pavement have been sealed, with more to be coordinated this fall.  Tie-downs in the grass area near the apron were relocated into the paved portion of the apron, which has promoted increased use and allows for room for a potential observation area.  Pollack asked what activity attributed to increased flight activity.  Rairigh speculated that it could be a variety of items, such as competitive fuel prices, busy Flight School, good weather, more airplanes/visitors using the airport, and that the hangars are full.  Pollack asked about activity at other airports.  Rairigh indicated that the last poll taken was last year.  Janson indicated that there is a general atmosphere change at the airport, which is friendlier and generating more pilot activity.  Bergstein agreed. 




1.      Promotion Committee Report (report provided prior to Airport Maintenance Status Report) – Janson indicated that the committee is working primarily on the observation area as mentioned in past meetings, then introduced Don Beckwith regarding video promotions for the airport.  Beckwith indicated the committee has completed set-up of an Introduction episode, Airport History episode, and are in the process of editing a Pancake Breakfast episode and the 82nd Airborne Event episode.  Other episodes are scheduled to involve an Airport Overview, a Tour of the Airport, Airport Builders, Young Eagles, Airplane Cockpit Tour, Wings of Mercy, Business Users, Organ Harvesting, and Mosquito Control.  Beckwith gave credit to those who are developing some of the episodes.


2.      Airport Aerial Zoning Update – McManus indicated the existing zoning ordinance was developed in the 1970’s with MBS as the enforcing agent.  Staff met with MDOT and MBS.  The City ordinance is currently aerial zoning, such as indicating elevation requirements, but MDOT wants an ordinance to include a land use component.  The meeting with MBS recently caused a change in direction as MBS wants to take on the leadership role and revamp the ordinance.  MBS will have to get their needs together and buy-in from the 6 government agencies involved.  Our commission will contribute at the sub-committee level at a later time as we will wait for MBS to implement their process and get the information they need.


3.      AWOS Update - Maki indicated that funding for AWOS was appropriated and has been transferred following our June commission meeting.  The project is currently in the design process by MDOT, and MDOT is looking at the option of purchasing the system through the State system so they would not have to be set-up with the use of a consultant.  Staff is at the liberty of MDOT in the preparation of the documents.  Plans should be prepared this fall, with construction likely to occur in Spring, 2008.  There was some discussion regarding funding for the system, which was previously approved.  Also, Maki indicated that MDOT provided information that a user survey is not required for the airport to determine the lengths of the runway as long as the FAA classification of aircraft use does not change.




1.      Airport Goals – McManus provided presentation regarding the City Manager’s request for boards and commissions to provide goals as the City is reformatting the upcoming budget document due in April 2008, with the idea of tying services the City provides with City goals.  McManus described past methods of community input.  The overall budget philosophy is that Midland residents expect the City to sustain economic stability, provide residents with outstanding quality of life amenities and services, and provide effective stewardship of community services.  The role of the commission is to provide input for community goals to be forwarded to City Council in January when budget sessions begin.  The City Manager requires the information in October, so this meeting will provide direction.  It was determined that the 5-year plan is the primary tool that provides the information needed.  McManus described planned purchases for 2008/09.  Janson questioned whether fencing could be provided through Homeland Security.  McManus indicated he had not heard of this type of funding.  Janson questioned what the fencing project covers and height requirements.  McManus indicated the plan is for perimeter fencing and the height could be reviewed.  Pollack suggested moving the fuel tank installation planned for 2009 to 2008.  This would help with purchasing fuel at a cheaper cost and serve a larger variety of aircraft.  Woodruff motioned to “move the proposed fuel tank installation in the 5-year plan from 2009 to 2008”.  Janson seconded and Pollack supported.  (Approved 4/0 – Woodruff in attendance).  McManus agreed that fuel is a component of income.  Janson indicated he would like to see a statement on how much revenue is being generated since we have changed the contract format. 


Bergstein wondered about selling land that we will never use.  Janson indicated that we are bound by obligation for the land through past cost shares with the FAA.  McManus indicated that we may be able to sell land but it would be more complicated and we would usually lease.  Woodruff questioned status of the Letts Road extension through the north end of the airport.  McManus indicated that an overall plan shows that this would be desirable, but there is no funding at this time to extend the roadway.


2.      2008 Meeting Dates – McManus introduced the 2008 schedule indicating that the March meeting was scheduled a little later to accommodate Mr. Bergstein’s schedule.  Janson motioned to accept the meeting dates.  Bergstein indicated he would not be able to make the meeting in December.  The schedule was seconded by Woodruff.  (Approved 4/0).





Dot Hornsby indicated that the EAA Pancake Breakfast is Sunday September 9th.  Dot also credited Don Beckwith with the video taping, and indicated there will be an airing on MCTV September 8th at 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.


J.T. Rairigh indicated that visitors at the airport are impressed by the new terminal building.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:02 p.m.