January 8, 2008



PRESENT:      Janson, Siemer, Pollack


EXCUSED:    Woodruff, Bergstein 


OTHERS:       J.T. Rairigh, Dot Hornsby, John Palen, Cathy Nelson Price, Tom Ryden


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                             


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. 


The minutes of the regular November 6, 2007 meeting were received and reviewed.  It was moved by Siemer and supported by Janson “to approve and file the minutes of the November 6, 2007 meeting.”   Approved (3/0).   


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summaries for September 2007 through November 2007 were presented and reviewed by J.T. Rairigh.  Comparisons were made with the same time period the previous year.  There were 66 good flying days and 25 poor flying days for this period.  Rairigh reported that fuel prices are high but activity and sales both increased 25% and greater over the same period last year.  Pollack wondered how Barstow fuel prices compared to other airports. Rairigh indicated we are comparable.  Siemer indicated we should be competitive but not the lowest.  Rairigh added that larger fuel tank could help when getting dealer fuel rates.  Pollack asked whether split fuel loads could be shared with other airports.  Rairigh indicated it was possible and is done some, but was difficult to do and not consistent.  Some airports are independent and others are not.  It was moved by Janson and supported by Siemer “to accept the Monthly Manager’s Report Summary.”   Approved (3/0)   



The Airport Maintenance Status Report was provided by J.T. Rairigh.  Rairigh indicated that plowing and shoveling of snow is the main operation.  Equipment is holding-up well.  100 hours in December and 15 hours so far in January were spent on snow removal operations.        




1.      AWOS Update – Maki indicated the remaining steps that must be taken in order to implement and install the AWOS system.  The Sponsor Contract between the City and the State was completed.  The FAA must give final approval of the project before materials can be ordered and a construction contract is initialized.  Construction is currently scheduled for summer 2008. 

As an additional order of business, Maki indicated that the State will be revising our airport designation/identifier code or ICAO ID.  A list of ID suggestions was provided for the commission to prioritize.  However the State will make the final decision and may choose a different designation altogether.  Some discussion ensued regarding a process so pilots can be involved with the decision making.  Rairigh indicated pilots were involved with the list provided.  A priority was provided in the following order for 1st to last:  KMJB, KJBM, KMID, KJBS, and KBAR.  A motion was seconded by Siemer to “approve the priority list and provide the information to the State for their consideration”.  Approved (3/0)  




1.      Snow Plowing Operations – Rairigh highlighted current snow removal operations and provided an overview of the snow removal policy, which is currently in draft form and under revision.  Important points were clarified such as no guarantee that a runway can be made open and that equipment is hazardous to aircraft when on a runway.  Snow banks must also be considered by pilots when determining whether to fly.  McManus added that some new processes were put in place to be more accommodating to pilots, which appears to be working well for the last several storms.  No action is necessary, but the final document could be brought to the March meeting for approval.  Janson clarified that the pilot in command is responsible for flying.  NOTAMS will be issued related to snow events, when necessary.

2.      Capital Planning – The 5-year plan was provided as a visual to the commission.  McManus indicated the top priority in 2008 is the need for more fuel capacity to help keep prices down and be more competitive in the area.  Fuel helps with airport use and can help reduce the airport subsidy.  In 2009, a new plow/blower is being proposed followed by plans for a storage building in 2010, user survey in 2011, and a new T-Hangar in 2012.  McManus added that the projects may not all happen on the schedule shown.  The overall local share on the 5-year plan is about $28,000 of the $945,000 program.  McManus recommended that the list be revisited in June so MDOT can be provided information earlier. 


Pollack asked the current capacity of the fuel tanks, which are currently 5,000 gallons for Low Lead fuel and 3,000 gallons for Jet fuel underground.  We also have a fuel truck which has capacity for an additional 2-3,000 gallons of fuel.  Janson liked the ability for the plow/blower to have the potential for multiple uses.  Pollack indicated the list will be looked at again in the future and welcomed comments from the public.






Meeting was adjourned at 5:49 p.m.