August 12, 2008



PRESENT:      Pollack, Janson, Siemer, Bergstein, Woodruff


OTHERS:       J.T. Rairigh, Jim Reike, Beata Ekins


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                            


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 


The commission requested a status report of the AWOS system installation and a discussion about a fixed base operator, FBO, for the airport.  As an update to the agenda, AWOS update item was placed following the Fuel Tank Project item and the FBO discussion item was placed following the Capital Plan item.   


Fuel Tank Project - The City airport consultant provided an estimate of approximately $280,000 for the above ground system along with related paving and equipment needs.  Discussion ensued. 


Woodruff asked why a 15,000 gallon fuel tank was needed.  It was explained that it is easier to buy fuel when sufficient additional volume capacity in the tank exists so fuel does not have to be ordered right away.  This would allow time for airport operations to look at fuel cost trends and what other airports are doing before making a purchase.  Woodruff indicated the commission cannot afford to buy this tank based on speculation as he believed gas should be bought when needed only and we are not in the business to “play the market”.  He wanted to know other reasons why a new tank is being installed.  McManus indicated the idea is to reduce subsidy to the city and to purchase gas cheaper, which can be accomplished when buying full loads.  Further discussion ensued.  It was determined that the City would recoup their cost share in a short time frame.    


Woodruff provided a letter from Rob Bourne is offering sale of his hangar with an existing 10,000 gallon underground fuel tank on-site for less than the current funding for a new tank installation.  Discussion ensued.  McManus reiterated the cost to the City for installation of an above ground fuel tank is low and the costs will be recovered quickly, The City will not be able to subsidize an existing facility.  Woodruff indicated the commission should not ignore the existing underground fuel tank and that the City could buy another truck to move fuel from one side of the airport to the other.  Pollack asked if we can obtain an official reading of whether entitlement funding could be used for the existing building and underground tank.  Janson motioned “to proceed with the fuel tank project with consideration given if federal entitlement funding can be used to purchase the hangar and fuel tank owned by either Steve Bile or Rob Bourne.”   Approved (5/0).   


AWOS Update - Maki provided a brief status report of the AWOS project.  MDOT has received most of the equipment and is scheduled to proceed with the installation of the AWOS system in the next few weeks.  Also, contracts for AWOS maintenance and data dissemination are being worked on, but have received subsequent approval from City Council.  The commission suggested advertising when the new system will go on-line, such as the internet or other avenues.  Rairigh provided the new frequency identifier to the commission.


Capital Plan – Maki provided a copy of the 5-year capital plan for the airport for 2009-2013.  This plan was unchanged through 2012, but added the 2013 plan, which is to update the ALP and perform drainage improvements.  Janson requested review of a deal with a John Deer dealer where a snow blower could be purchased, then replaced with a new machine on an annual basis for $1000.  Rairigh indicated the blower would not be as functional as the machine currently planned, but would definitely something to consider.  Siemer motioned “to approve the 5-year plan as provided”.  Discussion ensued.  Runway extension was discussed as a future item.  McManus indicated the existing snow blower has high maintenance costs, so the new blower will reduce subsidy.  The fuel tank is a money maker as is the T-Hangar, however the hangar will take multiple federal entitlements.  This plan can be revised, and will be discussed at the upcoming MAP meeting in September.  Pollack indicated there was a motion on the floor to approve the 5-year plan.  Janson seconded.  Approved (5/0).   


FBO – Pollack read a letter received from Linda Langrill, past president of the EAA.  The letter provided support to current airport operations as provided by JT and Janine Rairigh and the need for aircraft maintenance.  Woodruff suggested sending out a request for combining airport operations and FBO.  Siemer indicated the fact finding sub-committee findings showed the best option was to combine the FBO with airport operations.  Janson indicated that FBO’s for airports our going out of business, and they will need to have some kind of incentive or they will not come.  Rairigh indicated he would not be able to do both maintenance operations and FBO without eliminating some services we are currently benefitting from.  Bergstein suggested looking to find a combined operations/FBO, but look for a “hole in the fence” mechanic on a temporary basis.     


The September 2, 2008 meeting will be cancelled.


Public Comment - Jim Reike indicated we should not cover other items in a special meeting.  He also indicated Steve’s (or Bourne) fuel tank is more than ten years old and would need proper inspections, etc. before considering buying his hangar and fuel tank.  Regarding the FBO sub-committee, they did not ask most people in the field their opinion and many are concerned about the sub-committee recommendation.  Siemer asked what concerns are being presented.  Reike indicated the commission should look at other avenues instead of what we had in place before JT Raraigh started.


Motion to adjourn was provided by Janson and seconded by Siemer.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:42 p.m.