September 2, 2009



PRESENT:      Hallett, Janson, Pollack, Siemer, Senesac


EXCUSED:    None 


OTHERS:       Jim Reike, JT Rairigh, Dot Hornsby, Dick Sipp, Dave Schmeltzer


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                             


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:02 p.m. and welcomed Jackson Hallett and Ray Senesac to the commission.


The minutes of the regular June 2, 2009 meeting was received and reviewed.  The minutes were moved by Siemer and supported by Janson “to approve and file the minutes of the June 2, 2009 meeting.”   Approved (5/0).   


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for May and July 2009 was presented and reviewed by J.T. Rairigh.  It was noted that Governor Granholm landed at our airport on August 7, 2009 related to a dedication of a new battery plant in Midland.  Use comparisons were made with the same time period the previous year.  There were 74 good flying days and 18 poor flying days for this period.  Aircraft movements were up primarily due to an increase in training flights.  There are two official flight instructors at the airport.  Total gallons of fuel were down primarily due to less business fuel purchased.  Rainfall was below the previous year.  It was moved by Janson and supported by Siemer “to accept the Monthly Manager’s Report Summary.”   Approved (5/0)   


The Airport Maintenance Status Report was provided by J.T. Rairigh.  Rairigh indicated equipment was working well with minor problems on the mower and tractor.  Raraigh explained that high visibility areas receive more mowing than low visibility areas.  One 80 acre portion of the airport was cut for hay by an area farmer.  Crack sealing was performed by Raraigh at a much reduced expense when compared to contracting the work.  Material was purchased by the City and equipment was borrowed from a local church.


Commissioner Pollack provided comments recognizing the passing of pilot and skydiver Brad Winchell and his support of the airport.  Commissioner Hallett added he will be greatly missed.




Project Updates – Maki provided updates of the new fuel tank project.  Staff worked with the consultant to develop a bid packet for a below ground tank, which was completed in August.  Favorable bids will allow construction in 2009 with final paving likely in Spring 2010.  Unfavorable bids will require either a rebid or a new bid for an above ground facility with related work scheduled to begin Spring, 2010.




Fact-Finding Committee Report – Siemer provided this report.  Information was provided indicating the survey was well attended with a good mix of respondents that have experimental and non-experimental aircraft.  The respondents indicated a credit card self-serve system, competitive prices, and friendly staff is most important, followed by location.  Well maintained grounds, available AWOS and on field maintenance were secondary, followed by a longer main runway.  It was suggested that the runway extension may be rated lower because it would benefit business aircraft and not local planes that do not need it.  The report indicated additional services by the respondents valued more hangars, a courtesy car (the airport has), and on-field maintenance, followed by others such as a more modern gate, good PR campaign, better viewing, and more flight instruction and rental aircraft.  Conclusions of this report was to have more hangars, have on-field through the fence (TTF) maintenance, and a courtesy car which we have.  A note was also made that there was a request for more electrical plugs for overnight aircraft.  Comments followed regarding TTF that an FBO may not be able to support a business, that a TTF operation would need to be properly insured and registered through the Airport Manager, and this type of maintenance should only be for based aircraft or aircraft needing emergency service.  A suggestion was made to revise the rules to allow TTF.


Capital Plan- Maki provided a visual copy of the 10-year capital plan which was acceptable to the commission for submittal to MDOT.  Some questions regarding the reconstruction of the existing paved apron were discussed.  A drainage improvement study is permitted for entitlement funding in 2017 but not a drainage project.  McManus urged commissioners to attend the upcoming MAP meeting with MDOT on October 15, which discusses this plan.
2010 Meeting Schedule- Maki provided suggestions for the 2010 Aviation Advisory Commission meeting schedule.  The March 2, 2010 date was revised to March 23, 2010.

Ms. Hornsby indicated the Aviation Camp went well this year as well as the Kids to Oshkosh event.  EAA will has its next pancake breakfast scheduled for September 12th which appears to be increasing in popularity in the Midland community.


McManus added that the Winchell family was thankful for the pilot support.  Staff will summarize actions following the accident to better handle future situations.  He also thanked the two new commission members and indicated a item for future discussion is a new airport zoning overlay map.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:29 p.m.