March 23, 2010



PRESENT:       Senesac, Siemer, Hallett, Pollack, Janson,


EXCUSED:      None 


OTHERS:         JT Rairigh, Councilman Marty Wazbinski, Mike Woodley


REPORTED BY:  Bradd Maki                                   


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.  Airport Manager McManus was not present.


The minutes of the regular January 5, 2010 meeting was received and reviewed.  The minutes were moved by Janson and supported by Siemer “to approve and file the minutes of the January 5, 2010 meeting.”   Approved (5/0).   


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for December 2009 through February 2010 was presented and reviewed by J.T. Rairigh.  There were 59 good flying days and 31 poor flying days for this period, as compared to 56 good flying days and 34 poor flying days for this same period last year.  Aircraft movements were higher as compared to last year in all areas which are likely due to much lower snowfall totals.  Lower snow totals likely contributed to increases in total gallons of fuel sold when compared to the previous year as well.  It was moved by Siemer and supported by Janson “to accept the Monthly Manager’s Report Summary.”   Approved (5/0)   


The Airport Maintenance Status Report was provided by J.T. Rairigh.  Rairigh indicated two projects were completed recently, the new fuel tank and the snow removal equipment (SRE). The new tank installation was complete in December 2009 and is in full service.  New monitoring equipment is currently being tested.  The SRE functions very well as compared to the previous SRE equipment with much more flexibility in moving snow where desired and ability to avoid getting equipment stuck.  2 runway lights were damaged during the winter.  It is unknown if the damages were related to snow plowing.   




Aerial Zoning Status Report – Maki provided a recap of the December 2009 meeting discussion regarding efforts by MBS to reestablish the Tri-County Joint Airport Zoning Board.  Maki indicated the primary purpose of reestablishing the board is to review the current tri-county ordinance to determine whether it should be maintained, abolished, or changed in some form.  Maki indicated MPS is in the process of selection of the required 3 Midland County board members.  This process should be completed in the coming weeks.  Once in place, the board will appoint a 5 member Joint Airport Zoning Board of Appeals.  The board will be asked to notify the City when meetings are scheduled so commissioners or other airport representation can be in attendance.


Related discussion involved whether board results will impact Barstow Airport pilots.  Maki indicated it is possible pilots will be affected depending on how the results turn out, which is why it is important to be in attendance at their board meetings to voice the needs of the airport.  Commissioners expressed the likelihood that this will significantly affect pilots.  Raraigh reiterated the importance of aerial zoning control and minimum height clearances for aircraft landings.




10 Year Capital Plan – Maki provided a copy of the 10 year plan submitted to MDOT in July, 2009 as well as a recent plan considering comments provided from the MAP meeting held in October 2009.  The differences primarily involved the need for an additional year of federal entitlement for building the 10 unit T-hangar followed by the need for an SRE building.  The apron project was mentioned as a project of interest in a shorter term at the MAP meeting, but was left towards the end of the 10 year plan at this point.  Final decision on the 10 year plan will be determined at the June commission meeting.


Discussion ensued with Janson indicating the SRE project should be moved to this year along with some lesser projects, or roll remaining funds for future projects.   Hallett indicated there may be a building available that could house the SRE soon and the new building may not be needed.  The available building would be City owned Hangar 12B, which is scheduled to be vacant by November 2010.  Currently one space in the City owned T-Hangar is being used for SRE equipment.  12B is a heated building that may be suitable for the SRE.  Hallett indicated interest in the fence project first and build the SRE later if needed.  Maki added other options could be explored as well, such as using 12B for the SRE and building a replacement aircraft hangar, if entitlements would allow.  Senesac suggested the commission meet on the airport grounds prior to the next meeting to review the grounds and get a better sense of current infrastructure and expansion options.  Chairman Pollack requested scheduling a meeting in the next 45 days at the airport to review hangar layouts. 


Further discussion involved the possibility of creating a large hangar able to support a large space to house larger planes.  It was suggested that the hangar could address multiple hangar space needs, SRE storage and/or possibly a future FBO.


Commissioner Senesac requested that every project in the 10 year plan have detailed documented information as to why the projects are needed, cost, maintenance needs, benefits of installation and other justifications so a more focused plan could be developed.  He indicated the information could help develop long term goals and meet the demands of the airport.  Commission supported this request to be provided prior to the next meeting.


Prior to public comment, Chairman Pollack recognized and congratulated Ken Grakauskas on behalf of the commission for receiving an award from Angel Flight, which recognizes volunteer flying.  He used his personal aircraft to transport patients with serious injuries for specialized medical treatment at otherwise unattainable locations.  A motion by Janson supported by Senesac that the Airport Manager writes a letter of Congratulations for this special award on behalf of the Aviation Advisory Commission”.  Approved (5/0)  




Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.