December 7, 2010



PRESENT:      Senesac, Siemer, Hallett, Pollack


EXCUSED:    Janson 


OTHERS:       JT Rairigh


REPORTED BY:  Brian McManus, Airport Manager                                             


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. 


The minutes of the regular September 14, 2010 meeting were received and reviewed.  The minutes were moved by Siemer and supported by Hallett “to approve and file the minutes of the September 14, 2010 meeting.”   Approved (4/0).   


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for September -December was presented and reviewed by J.T. Rairigh.  Aircraft movements were up slightly. Training flights are up and pleasure flights are down. We remain encouraged by the high numbers of young students interested in aviation.


Fuel sales are up 80% over a year ago. The new tanks continue to help us remain competitive. JT discussed how fuel prices are shown on websites such as the AirNav site.


JT provided an Airport Maintenance Status report to the commission. He reported that the snow removal equipment is all ready to go.  He has used the broom but not the big snow plow blade yet.





Aerial Zoning Status Report


McManus gave an update. Jeff Nagle of MBS has indicated that he will set up a meeting for January to keep the process going.  The next step is to set up an appeals board.













MAP Meeting
McManus and Janson discussed the Michigan Airport Programming meeting held in October. It was a positive meeting and the Bureau was complementary of our process. They agreed with our plan as submitted but indicated that the apron pavement will need to climb up in priorities on the next list.


Capital Planning Subcommittee


Rich Siemer gave a detailed presentation on the project selection process. He discussed our vision and the steps to get to the end results. We desire to be a premier General Aviation airport that is self sustainable. We have a lot of the pieces in place and have a friendly environment. Rich further discussed the project selection process where we compare projects side by side.


Hangar Sales and Leases


McManus reported that lease and sales are up. On the commercial side the Kent Power and Stephen’s Aviation hangars have sold.




 Dot Hornsby spoke about various items. Two commissioners are shown in the national EAA Aviation magazine. Ray and Jack were pictured in the magazine for their efforts of flying young aviation enthusiasts to Oshkosh.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.