December 6, 2011



PRESENT:      Senesac, Siemer, Hallett, Janson, Pollack


EXCUSED:    None


OTHERS:       JT Rairigh, Dot Hornsby, Tom Lind


REPORTED BY:  Brian McManus, Airport Manager                                             


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. 


The minutes of the regular September 13, 2011 meeting were received and reviewed.  It was moved by Janson and supported by Siemer “to approve and file the minutes of the September 13, 2011 meeting.”   Approved (5/0).   


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for September, October, and November was presented and reviewed by JT Rairigh. Activity and weather were similar this past quarter to this same quarter last year. Takeoffs and landings were up slightly. Fuel sales by volume were down 9% but price was up 27% due to wholesale price increases over the last year. Fuel price is $4.87 currently.


JT reported that the hangars are full and the waiting list is small as well. A new roof membrane was installed on Hangar 11. A new private hangar is near completion. The State performed airplane counts and Barstow remained flat to slightly increasing while the remainder of the state airports seems to be down in counts.





Aerial Zoning Status Report


Brian and Ray Senesac provided a report on the aerial zoning g process. Ray attended the October 26 meeting of the commission. The updated Tri-City Joint Aerial zoning ordinance is in final draft form and maps are in final review as well. A public hearing will be necessary before final implementation of the ordinance.


 Brian showed a map of current and proposed wind turbines in the tri-city area and there are many. MDOT will be present at the January 3 meeting to discuss this in detail.



SRE Building Planning
The SRE building process as reviewed.  Mead and Hunt has completed the field survey and are draft specifications prepared and in for review. Brian presented a schedule that allowed for commission input prior to selection of the contractor.  The site will be in the vicinity of the cul-de-sac on old airport road.




MAP Meeting


The annual Michigan Airport Programming (MAP) meeting was held on September 28. The meeting went well and MDOT agreed with the City submittal. City staff and several commissioners attended.






Meeting was adjourned at 5:54 p.m.


Next meeting is January 3.