April 24, 2012



PRESENT:      Senesac, Siemer, Hallett, Pollack, Janson


EXCUSED:    None


LOCATION:  City Hall


OTHERS:       Pat Cisco, Dave Becker, Dot Hornsby


REPORTED BY:  Brian McManus, Airport Manager                                             


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. 


The minutes of the regular January 3, 2012 were reviewed.  It was moved by Siemer and supported by Hallett “to approve and file the minutes of the January 3, 2012 meeting.”   Approved (4/0).    A minor correction was made to the minutes to indicate that Commissioner Janson was not present.


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for January- March was presented and reviewed by JT Rairigh. Activity was up in the last few months.  Operations were up 45% from a year ago.  We have had less snow and better flying conditions.   There was less snow plowing this year. The equipment has worked well.


The mosquito spray program started a month early in March due to unusually warm conditions. A contractor for Consumers Energy has been renting a hangar to house a helicopter for a base for their gas line patrol. Fuel sales are up as well with the good flying weather.


An aircraft mechanic is interested in Barstow and we are in discussion with him.


Gladwin has just finished a project for new above ground fuel tanks.                                 




Ray Senesac provided an update on the aerial zoning process. The process has been going on for a year now.  The new zoning board was formed.  Linn Smith spoke about height limitations at our last meeting.


The new aerial zoning will affect density and uses and Ray discussed the matrix. The Zoning Enabling Act is the basis for all of this work. There will be a public hearing on the ordinance tomorrow.

Eventually we will need to add a procedure in the city zoning ordinance. The zoning maps have been submitted to Lansing.





10 Year Capital Plan


We discussed the 10 year capital plan and it was not changed from previous discussions.


SRE Building Re-Bid


There was a lot of discussion on the SRE building rebid.  The cost came in high on the first bid due to difficult site conditions. The proposed new site is just to the north of the old site. The commission was concerned about the new site using up potential nice hangar development areas. On the other side the City/ Barstow facility should have top priority for a site if that is what it takes to reduce taxpayer costs.


A motion was made to approve the proposed site and the motion was approved 3/2. (RS/MJ, 3/2, (JP, JH Opposed))




Pat Cisco, a pilot, expressed his concerns about the just approved SRE site. He felt it is a bad location.


Dave Becker, a pilot, spoke on behalf of the pilot community and desires a fence with an electric gate as they are not that expensive to do. He indicated his desire for more runway length or a displaced threshold. Spoke in favor of having a maintenance facility to promote growth.


Dot Hornsby, discussed the upcoming pancake breakfast at the EAA building on June 11-15. These are becoming quite popular.




Meeting was adjourned at 6:05 p.m.