January 8, 2013



PRESENT:      Senesac, Pollack, Siemer, Janson


EXCUSED: Hallett


LOCATION:  Barstow Airport


OTHERS:       Mike Woodley


REPORTED BY:  Brian McManus, Airport Manager                                             


Commissioner Pollack called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. 


The minutes of the regular November 6, 2013 meeting were reviewed.  It was moved by Siemer and supported by Senesac “to approve and file the minutes of the November 6, 2013meeting.”   Approved (4/0)


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for October – December 2012 was presented by JT Rairigh and discussed by the commission. Fuel sales were down about 40% based on a month to month comparison. Fuel prices are up as 100LL is $5.40 per gallon and Jet A is $5.95 per gallon.  Selling fuel has been a tight rope process and they are starting to normalize.  Activity was down about 40% from the previous year mainly due to very high gas prices.


There is still a waiting list for hangars and we are at 100% capacity.


Snow plowing has not been much of an issue this year so far. We have had only one storm to plow





Brian gave an SRE Building update. The building is now occupied by us but there are a few items to clean up in the spring





Capital Plan


Brian briefly reviewed the final capital plan submitted to the MDOT.  MDOT agreed to combine our 2013 and 2014 pavement projects for construction in 2014.


EAA Promotional Video


Mike Woodley presented a video made by a young EAA member and 2011 Aviation Camp participant, Andrew Dyke. It was a great video that encompasses all of the things that the EAA does.


Aviation Camp is the third week of June. The limit is 16 people.


The very popular Young Eagles program gave rides to 220 youngsters last year.  Quite an accomplishment.






Meeting was adjourned at 6:00 p.m.