November 5, 2013



PRESENT:      Senesac, Siemer, Janson, Pollack


EXCUSED:     Hallett


LOCATION:  Barstow Airport


OTHERS:      JT Rairigh, Tom Ryden, Dot Hornsby, Linda Langrill, Tom Lind, John Swantek, John McPeak, Mike Woodley, others


REPORTED BY:  Brian McManus, Airport Manager                                             


Commissioner Siemer called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m. 


The minutes of the September 10, 2103 meeting were reviewed.  It was moved by Siemer supported by Janson “to approve and file the minutes of the June 4, 2013 meeting.”   Approved (4/0)


The Monthly Manager’s Report Summary for June through August was presented by JT Rairigh and discussed by the commission. Movements were up and jet fuel sales were up.


Had a discussion on fuel pricing and a fact finding subcommittee was established to look into fuel sales a little closer.


Getting ready for snow plowing. 800 pounds of crack sealing was done.





Brian provided an update on the apron project. It is on schedule and for bidding in January and construction starting in June. Matt suggested moving the staging area to another location from as shown on the plans.


Brian gave an update on the capital projects.





FAA Obstacle Report


JT gave a summary of the FAA obstacle report.  Earlier this fall the FAA issued NOTAMs that essentially closed our runways to night landings.  They gave us a list of obstacles, primarily overgrown tree locations.   Apparently, the FAA was clearing their old data bases and indicated obstacles that may have already been handled. Linda Langrill reported on how this affects many people and has financial impact on pilots. She has been pushing the AOPA to help on this.  We are in the process of surveying this.


Chairman and Vice Chairman


The group concluded that Jim and Rich retain Chair and Vice Chair positions respectively. (Matt/Rich, 4/0).


Public Comments


Dot Hornsby discussed EAA activities and indicated that Santa will be visiting Barstow soon.  She also indicated that she would like to see the observation area be discussed at a future meeting.