City of Midland

Cable Access Advisory Commission Mtg.



 WEDNESDAY, 5/12/04, 7:00P.M.






Contact MCTV staff at 837-3474 if you can’t attend the meeting.

Please arrive by 6:50p.m. Meeting will be cablecast “LIVE” on MGTV.

Agenda topics

Action items in Bold                                                  Submitted by:


I.                    Call to Order/Roll Call

II.                Approval-February 11, 2004 Minutes

III.               Public Comments

V.        Old Business




1.      MCTV Rules Amendments

2.      CAAC Promos

3.      CAAC Vacancy – At-Large

4.      Viewer Comments

      VI      New Business

1.        Consideration of Absences by

Commission member

     VII.    Announcements-MCTV Lottery

VIII.   Adjournment.  Next meeting,

           September 8, 2004.     












MINUTES OF February 11, 2004


PRESENT:       Linda Malekadeli; Norm Neher; Todd DuBois, Roy Green; Bob Granstra


ABSENT:        Alex Berehula – unexcused


ALSO PRESENT:  Ron Beacom, MCTV; Brandi Rytlewski, Recording Secretary;

         Melissa Barnard, Library Director           



I.                    Call To Order: By Malekadeli at 7pm.


II.                 Approval of December 10, 2003 minutes: Minutes were approved as submitted.


III.               Public Comments:  None


IV.              Old Business

1.      Programming on MCTV 15:  Beacom reviewed the issue of placing the overflow of program series on MCTV 15 – Messages.  Beacom also reviewed what the commission voted on at the December 2003 meeting to send to City Council.  Green questioned if this would just reallocate current Midland County produced programs to channel 15 and not delete any programs.  Beacom stated yes.  Granstra motioned to accept recommendation, DuBois seconded.  Barnard stated the City of Midland is not just in Midland County.  Should say City of Midland and Midland County.  Beacom stated it could say submitted by City of Midland or Midland County resident.  Neher motioned to accept new wording.  Granstra seconded.  Motion carried 5 – 0.


2.      CAAC Promotional Sub-committee Mtg. Report:  Commissioner Green reviewed the subcommittee report submitted to the Cable Access Commission, to promote awareness of cable access.  Malekadeli questioned if the target dates of having the psa’s done will be met because of the renovation.  Beacom stated it will be a challenge, not sure about the April 1 deadline. DuBois motioned to adopt the report.   Granstra seconded.  Motion carried 5 - 0


3.      CAAC Vacancy – At Large:  Beacom stated Council has discussed holding off filling vacancies of all boards and commissions until May.  Two current members terms are up, they will be contacted to find out if they are interested in reappointment.


4.      Viewer Comments: None


V.                 New Business

1.      CAAC Attendance:  Beacom reviewed the question presented at the December meeting about attendance requirement when serving on a board or commission.  Beacom reviewed ordinance and the attendance record of CAAC since July 2002.  Malekadeli stated one commission member, Alex Berehula, has been absent all of this fiscal year.  Neher asked if anyone has talked to Berehula.  Malekadeli stated she has tried and left messages. He returned one call but she was unable to reach him.  Green asked what happens to the member.  Beacom stated if required attendances aren’t met, the position is considered vacant. Malekadeli questioned what should CAAC do.  Beacom stated CAAC could send information to Council and let them decide.  Neher stated we should contact Berehula to find out if he wants to be on the commission.  Granstra stated could staff send a letter. If there’s no contact, then the commission can make formal action.  Beacom stated staff will try to contact him.   If no success, position will be considered vacant.


2.      MCTV Annual Report, 2002-03:  Beacom reviewed MCTV’s annual report submitted to City Council.


Beacom asked Neher to discuss the progress of MPS-TV 17.  Neher stated they are having audio problems. Thanks to MCTV staff and Charter who have been working on the problem but haven’t solved it.  Other than that, things have been going well. 


Malekadeli discussed two items not on the agenda. There was a suggestion at the last meeting for CAAC to present a special award on an occasional basis. Malekadeli asked if the commission saw the need to add an award to what MCTV already presents at “Honors Night.”  Dubois stated before the commission could do something like that, parameters would have to be set.  Malekadeli questioned whether there was interest to pursue this matter right now.  There was none.


Malekadeli stated the second issue was the archiving of programs at MCTV.  Beacom stated MCTV has an informal policy.  More of a staff function to decide what to archive.  The staff will formalize its procedures.  Malekadeli agreed with Beacom, asked if there were other thoughts from commission.  There were none.


VI.              Announcements:  Beacom presented the renovation plans for MCTV, to begin the week of February 23.  Hope to be completed by mid-March.  Malekadeli asked if the station will be down at all.  Beacom said on February 19th programming will be down while the replay system is moved.


Beacom also presented an article in a national trade magazine about MCTV access user, Edith Doil. He wrote an article about Doil for a special issue focusing on seniors in the

“Community Media Review.”


Beacom said MCTV’s Open House will be on April 24 during National Library Week.


VII.            Adjournment.  Meeting adjourned at 7:56pm.


Next meeting, May 12, 2004, 7pm, City Hall Council Chambers

Respectfully submitted


Brandi Rytlewski


New Business:

1.      Consideration of Absences by Commission Member



for Cable Access Advisory Commission Meeting of May 12, 2004



SUBJECT:               Consideration of Absences by Commission Member


INITIATED BY:     Ron Beacom, MCTV



RESOLUTION SUMMARY:  This resolution recommends that City Council consider vacant the Cable Access Advisory Commission position currently held by Alex Berehula. It also recommends that City Council appoint an MCTV access user to fill the remainder of Berehula’s term ending in June 2006.




1.      Letter of transmittal


2.      Resolution






Minimum of four votes to approve resolution.





Ron Beacom
















May 7, 2004


TO:                  Chairperson Malekadeli and members of the Cable Access Advisory Commission


SUBJECT:       Alex Berehula  

At the
February 11, 2004 commission meeting, staff was directed to contact Commissioner Alex Berehula regarding his absences from all three of the commission’s meetings in the current fiscal year. The commission received a report that also showed Mr. Berehula attended only two of four meetings in fiscal year, 2002-2003. A letter was sent by staff to Mr. Berehula in late February. No response was received.

At my initiative, I did have a phone conversation with Alex in late April. He indicated he planned to resign and would send letters to both City Council and me. As of May 7, I have not received such a letter.



At issue is what action the commission should take in the absence of a resignation letter from

Mr. Berehula. The City of Midland’s Code of Ordinances provides this language: 


Sec. 2-243. Regular attendance by members of boards and commissions.


     The position of a member of any board or commission established by the Charter or the Code of Ordinances of the City shall be considered vacant if such member shall miss four (4) consecutive regular meetings of the board or commission, or twenty-five (25) percent of such meetings in any fiscal year of the city, unless such absences shall be excused by the board or commission and the reason therefor entered in the proceedings of said board or commission.


The commission can take one of two actions:

1)      Recommend to City Council that Mr. Berehula’s position be considered vacant and to recommend that the position be filled for the remainder of the term ending in June 2006.

2)      Formally excuse Mr. Berehula’s absences, citing the justification, thus allowing him to remain on the commission.



This agenda was sent to all commission members including Mr. Berehula. Attempts are being made to contact Mr. Berehula by telephone to encourage him to attend the May 12 meeting to respond to concerns regarding his absences.




Respectfully submitted,



Ron Beacom

MCTV Network






BY COMMISSION MEMBER ___________________________________



WHEREAS, the City of Midland’s Cable Access Advisory Commission has reviewed the City of Midland’s Code of Ordinances, Section 2-243:  “Regular attendance by members of boards and commissions” in relation to the absences of Commissioner Alex Berehula, now therefore


RESOLVED, that the City of Midland’s Cable Access Advisory Commission recommends to City Council that Commissioner Alex Berehula’s position be considered vacant, and


RESOLVED FURTHER, that the Cable Access Advisory Commission recommends to City Council that a MCTV access user be appointed to fill the remainder of Mr. Berehula’s term ending in June 2006.








Resolution adopted by a        yea vote of all the Commission members present at a regular

meeting of the City of Midland’s Cable Access Advisory Commission meeting held Wednesday,

May 12, 2004.




                                                                                    Ron Beacom, MCTV Director