Cable Access Advisory Commission


November 8, 2006

7:00 PM

City Hall, Council Chambers



Contact MCTV staff at 837-3474 if you can’t attend the

 meeting.  Please arrive by 6:50pm.  Meeting will be

cablecast “LIVE” on MGTV5.




Agenda topics


Action Items in Bold


I.     Call To Order/Roll Call

II.    Approval-October 30, 2006 Minutes

III.  Public Comments

IV.  Old Business



1.      Proposed Revisions-Ordinances & Rules

2.      CAAC Goals, 2006-07

3.      Friends of MCTV Update



V.   New Business

VI.  Announcements

1.      Honors Night, November 30, 7:00pm




VII.  Adjournment

         Next meeting-February 14, 2007-7:00pm
















October 30, 2006


PRESENT:  Ernie Bedford; Jason Brown; Don Deibert; Bob Granstra, Linda Malekadeli;

Norm Neher


ABSENT:  Roy Green


ALSO PRESENT:  Melissa Barnard – Library; Brandi Pfohl – Secretary


I.                    CALL To Order

By Malekadeli at 7pm


II.                 WELCOME New Members

Jason Brown, Video Professional, and Norm Neher, MPS representative, introduced themselves.


III.               APPROVAL - of September 13, 2006 Minutes

Minutes approved as submitted.  Neher abstained.


IV.              PUBLIC Hearing

Ordinance and Rule Change

Beacom reviewed the proposed changes to the MCTV Fees Ordinance and Rules and Procedures as submitted to the commission (agenda packet).  Malekadeli opened the public hearing for public comments.


Cynthia Chilcote, director of the Midland Volunteer Center, stated her organization is in support of the $25 message board fee.


Beacom reviewed the comments that were sent to MCTV (agenda packet).  Two were opposed, two were in favor, and one proposed not charging a fee for students.


Deibert suggested parents could pay the students fee. Neher proposed the idea of a scholarship for students who can’t afford the fee. Beacom said if the Friends of MCTV are successful, perhaps they could provide scholarships.


Regarding the opposition to the fees from some message board users, Neher asked whether it would be possible not to charge a fee for the first five messages submitted. Beacom said that would be difficult to track.  Approximately 2, 500 messages were submitted last year.


Deibert commented that $25 is a small amount for an organization to pay if they want to use MCTV. It would cost more to put an ad in the Midland Daily News.  Deibert said he was sympathetic to the persons opposed to the fees but the reality is the funds for MCTV are going down and MCTV needs to raise revenue. 


At the November 8 meeting, the Commission can approve the proposed revisions and recommend the changes to Council, oppose the proposed revisions, or revise them and hold another public hearing.



V.                 OLD Business

1.      CAAC Goals, 2006-07

Beacom reviewed the goals. He stated that a joint meeting with City Council has not been scheduled for December.   


2.      CAAC Annual Report, 2005-06

Beacom stated the annual report was accepted by City Council on the consent agenda without comment.


3.      Friends of MCTV Update

Beacom stated that the $5,000 needed to open an Operating Fund under the umbrella of the Midland Area Community Foundation has been raised.  Malekadeli added that the Friends group is working on the Honors Night fundraiser. Sponsorship letters were sent out.  Access users will receive a letter asking them to become members and make a donation. A silent auction will also be held at Honors Night. 


Beacom stated the Articles of Incorporation were filed by Attorney Drummond Black. He thanked Don Deibert for his work on the legal aspects of setting up the Friends.


Officers were elected: Ann Kerns-President, Linda Malekadeli-Vice-President and Treasurer, Judy Kuehl-Secretary.   Don Deibert, Jim Malek and Robert Clark   are Board members. 


A show will be taped on November 14 to introduce the Friends of MCTV and their goals to the public.  Next Friends meeting will be on November 15 at the MCTV studio.  Malekadeli encouraged people to attend.


4.      Legislation Update

Beacom reviewed the status of the video franchise legislation being discussed at the state and federal level.  Besides the loss of some of the franchise fees, Beacom said the proposed legislation would require MCTV to pay for the equipment needed to send the access channels signals to the phone company when it starts to provide video service. Deibert asked what will the cost be.  Beacom stated that it depends on the technology but it could be up to $15,000 per channel.


Beacom also said that this legislation still allows the phone company to “cherry pick” which customers they want to serve, while the cable company is currently required to pass by every home in the city.


Neher voiced concern about the reduction in the franchise fees because the schools receive a portion of that for MPS-TV’s operation.


VI.              ANNOUNCEMENTS

A reception will be held for Brandi Pfohl, Wednesday, November 1, 4-5:30pm.  Pfohl has accepted a position as the Library’s Technical Secretary.


ACM Fall Conference will be held in Lansing, November 16-18.  There is a one-day rate if commission members would like to attend on that Friday.


VII.            ADJOURNMENT – Next Meeting, November 8, 7:00pm

Granstra moved to adjourn, Deibert seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:40p.m.



















































for Commission Meeting of November 8, 2006



SUBJECT: Proposed Revisions to MCTV Fees Ordinance and Rules and Procedures






1.        Letter of transmittal to the Cable Access Advisory Commission

2.        Proposed revisions to MCTV Fees Ordinance and Rules and Procedures.

      3.    Resolution to recommend to City Council the adoption of the proposed revisions.



1.        4 votes required to approve resolution.







Ron Beacom

MCTV Network



























November 1, 2006



Cable Access Advisory Commission

City of Midland



Dear Commissioners,


To review, in May 2006, City Council approved a $106,100 General Fund subsidy for the Cable Communications Fund budget. This action kept MCTV’s services and staff whole for the 2006-07 fiscal year. Major cuts in staff and services had been proposed because a deficit in the fund is projected in the current five-year plan.


City Council instructed City staff, the Cable Access Advisory Commission and supporters of Midland Community Television to study options to help alleviate the projected deficit.  Three options discussed at the Commission level during the budget process were user fee, revisions to the fees now charged for video duplications, and more fees for training.


User Fees

The City has never charged a user fee for the use of MCTV’s facilities and equipment.

An annual fee of $25 per individual is now proposed by City staff.  If collected from the current list of access users involved in video production and from individuals and organizations who submit messages to the community message board channel, the projected revenue would be $2,500-$3,000 annually. 


Duplication Fees

MCTV currently charges a video duplication fee of $10 per 30 minutes of content. However, the MCTV Rules and Procedures allow producers to receive one free copy of a program. City staff proposes a revision in the duplication fee and the end of the free copy program.


The proposed fee is $10 per 60 minutes of content with a maximum fee of $30 for programs over two hours in length. The goal of this revision is to generate more requests for copies of popular programs including high school sports and concerts. Current fees are often over $40 for those programs that discourages the public from buying copies.


The proposed elimination of the free copy program would eliminate staff time used to make these copies. Almost half of the requests processed by staff are for the free copies.


The goal of these revisions is to raise more revenue from duplications. Total revenue generated in 2005-06 from video duplications was $2,800. In fiscal year 2004-05, the total was $900. In 2003-04, the total was $1,300.










Training Fees

MCTV currently charges a fee of $10 for the beginning access user training. At your September meeting, the Commission voted to recommend raising that fee to $20.  No fees are charged for advanced training. Staff is proposing a fee of $10 per each advanced training course.

Potential additional revenue is $500-$600 annually.


For the past five summers, MCTV has offered a four-day video camp for children, ages 12-17. The fee charged in July 2006 was $40. Staff proposes a fee of $50 for the video camp. Class size is limited to 12. Projected revenue for each camp is $600.


Ordinance and Rules Revisions

The proposed revisions in the MCTV Fees Ordinance and the MCTV Rules and Procedures are included in this document. New language is shown in italics, while proposed deleted language is shown in strikethrough font.


Commission Action

The Commission held a public hearing on October 30th. One person voiced support in person for the access user fee. The Commission also received written correspondence with three persons voicing support, two voicing opposition and one suggesting no fee for students or young people under the age of 25.


A resolution has been prepared for Commission at the November 8 meeting.  It’s shown below.



Respectfully submitted,




Ron Beacom

MCTV Network

City of Midland

























Sec. 21-120. MCTV fines.


            The fines for MCTV services are as follows:


            (1)        Late equipment returns:


                        a.         Late return of equipment, five dollars ($5.00) per day, starting after the first hour late.



Sec. 21-121. Use fees.


            The use fees for MCTV services are as follows:



(1)  Annual access user fee                                           $25.00


(2)     Training fees:


            a.     Access user training course (initial)        $20.00

            b.     Access user training course (advanced)   10.00

                        c,     Video camp                                              50.00


            (3)        Videotape duplication fees:


                        a.     0-60 30 minutes of content                         10.00

            b.    61-120 minutes of content                        20.00

             c.   Over 120 minutes of content                     30.00


            (3)        Videotape duplication processing fee:


                        a.         Processing fee . . . . 5.00
















MCTV Rules and Procedures

Use of MCTV Equipment


2.1       MCTV facilities and equipment are available for use by residents of the City or County of Midland.  A resident of the city or county shall be determined to be a “qualified access user” and provided with the privilege of utilizing certain MCTV equipment provided that person has:


a.      Paid the user fee established in Article VII, Chapter 21 of the City of Midland

Code of Ordinances.  

b.      Taken the training course provided by MCTV as specified in paragraph 1.1; or

c.       Demonstrated production capability and competence in using the production equipment to the MCTV staff

d.      Completed the access user application from, which includes a statement of compliance with these rules.  Any violation of these rules may result in the qualified access user being temporarily or permanently restricted or prevented from the use of MCTV equipment facilities at the discretion of the MCTV Coordinator.



8.3       A qualified access user may purchase copies of his or her program on a video format purchased from MCTV. obtain one copy of his or her program for which there will be no duplication or processing fee.  MCTV will provide the qualified access user the copy on either a new videotape supplied by the qualified access user or on a videotape purchased from MCTV.  Additional copies will be made upon request at the rates established in Article VII, Chapter 21 of the City of Midland Code of Ordinances.


8.4       Members of the public may also purchase request copies of a program on a video format purchased from MCTV  videotape.  at the rates copying and processing fees established in Article VII, Chapter 21 of the City of Midland Code of Ordinances. will be charged.  New videotape(s) may be provided by the person submitting the request or a videotape may be purchased from MCTV.





















17.       Electronic Bulletin Board Messages.


Messages submitted for cablecasting may be submitted by any resident of the City or County of Midland, who has paid the user fee established in Article VII, Chapter 21 of the City of Midland Code of Ordinances.

Messages must meet the criteria of Section 15-132 of the City of Midland Code of Ordinances.











































WHEREAS, City of Midland staff have presented to the Cable Access Advisory Commission proposed revisions to the MCTV Fees Ordinance and MCTV Rules and Procedures; and


WHEREAS, these revisions are proposed to help reduce the projected deficit in the Cable Communication Fund; and


WHEREAS, the Commission has received input from the public through a formal public hearing and written and electronic correspondence;


WHEREAS, the Commission has deliberated this issue at two regularly scheduled meetings and one special meeting; now therefore


RESOLVED, that the Commission recommends to City Council that the proposed revisions to the MCTV Fees Ordinance and the MCTV Rules and Procedures be adopted.










I, Ron Beacom, MCTV Director, City of Midland, Counties of Bay and Midland, State of Michigan, do hereby certify that the foregoing is true and correct copy of a resolution adopted by a         yea vote of all the Commission members present at a regular meeting of the Cable Access Advisory Commission held Wednesday, November 8, 2006.



                                                                        Ron Beacom, Staff Liaison




















Below are two e-mails we received after the Cable Access Advisory Commission meeting on October 30 regarding the proposed fees:


My name is Kathleen Dolan, 1211 Timber Drive.    I produce and host two public access shows on MCTV - One for The Arc of Midland and one for MidMichigan Medical Center-Midland.  I serve on The Arc of Midland Board as president.  I am also on the Management team for Midland area Special Olympics. In each of these capacities – and for each of these organizations - I have used the outstanding services of MCTV,  whether it is the community calendar or producing an informative program for the benefit of the community.  Although I cannot speak for everyone in the organizations to which I belong, I can tell you I believe that the fees that MCTV is proposing are fair.  The people who are employed by MCTV as well as the volunteers are dependable, knowledgeable and professional. In fact, I believe that if annual fees are imposed, it would not only help reduce the projected budget deficit, but  I would utilize the services of MCTV even more to make sure that each organization gets its “money’s worth”.  That would be just be sound business practice.   I support MCTV and the Cable Access Advisory Commission’s recommendation. And I applaud MCTV for their efforts.




Dear Mayor Johnson and Councilmen:


On behalf of Northwood University, I would like to tell you that the increases proposed by MCTV and addressed at a meeting last evening have the approval of Northwood University. Northwood University benefits in many ways from the services of MCTV and the proposed prices are reasonable. 


It would be a disservice to our community to abandon MCTV.  We hope this station will continue to provide service to our Midland area community.  Northwood students are also getting involved with MCTV and learning how to produce shows, edit, and video tape.  This will be very useful to them in the future as businessmen and women of the world.


Thank you for your continued support of this wonderful station and its employees.



Char Rosin


Char Rosin

Public Relations Director

Northwood University












Cable Access Advisory Commission

Goals for 2006-07



1.  Review proposed changes to MCTV Ordinances and Rules, hold public hearings, and make recommendations to City Council.


2.  Review Cable Communications Fund Budget Response Plan for 2007-08 and make recommendations to City Council


3. Increase awareness among access users and the public about the challenges and opportunities facing MCTV


4. Hold a joint meeting with City Council to discuss Budget Response Plan and Friends of MCTV organization


5.      Participate in MCTV’s “Honors Night 2006.”