Cable Access Advisory Commission


September 10,  2008

7:00 PM

City Hall, Council Chambers



Contact MCTV staff at 837-3474 if you can’t attend the

 meeting.  Please arrive by 6:50pm.  Meeting will be

cablecast “LIVE” on MGTV 5.




Agenda topics


Action Items in Bold


I.     Call To Order/Roll Call

II.   Election

1.      Chair

2.      Vice-Chair



III.    Approval – May 14, 2008 Minutes



IV   Public Comments



V.   Old Business

1.      Cable Communications Fund

2.      Friends of MCTV

3.      Video Franchising

4.      CAAC Vacancies

VI.     New Business

         1. Annual Report, 2007-08

         2. CAAC Goals, 2008-09

         3.  Meeting Dates-2009

         4.  CS-ACM Fall Conference, Mt. Pleasant

              October 16-18

5.   Budget Roundtables




VII.   Announcements



VIII.  Adjournment-Next meeting,

          November 12, 7pm, Council Chambers.