Wednesday, September 11, 2013

7:00 P.M.

City Hall, Council Chambers

                     Information on each highlighted agenda item is available by clicking on the description of that item

Contact MCTV staff at 837-3474 if you can’t attend the meeting.  Please arrive by 6:50pm.  Meeting will be cablecast “LIVE” on MGTV 96 on Charter and on Channel 99 on AT&T U-verse.

·       Action Items in Bold


I.           Call To Order/Roll Call/Welcome New Members

-Scott Cochran

-Ron Felzke

-Robert Granstra

-Roy Green

-Cathy Nelson Price


II.          Election of Officers

a.     Chair

b.     Vice-Chair

III.        Approval-May 8, 2013 Minutes


IV.       Public Comments


V.   Old Business

a.  Cable Communications Fund

b.  Friends of MCTV

c.   MCTV on AT&T U-verse


VI.          New Business

a.     CAAC Annual Report, 2012-13

b.    CAAC Goals, 2013-14

c.     ACM Michigan

d.    2014 CAAC Meeting Dates


VII.        Announcements

a.     Friends of MCTV Fundraiser-Bennigan’s-September 18

b.     MCTV’s Honors Night, November 21, 2013


VIII.   Adjournment

         Next Meeting-November 13, 2013

         7:00pm, Council Chambers