MINUTES OF February 12, 2003


PRESENT:    Alex Berehula; Bob Granstra; Roy Green; Linda Malekadeli; Norm Neher


ABSENT:       Todd DuBois - excused; Thomas Kenny - excused


ALSO PRESENT:  Ron Beacom, MCTV; Brandi Rytlewski, Recording Secretary;

         Melissa Barnard, Library Director     



I.                     CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL:

    By Malekadeli at 7pm.


II.                   RECOGNITION:  Coleen Fulks & Chuck Hepenstal

Malekadeli publicly thanked Fulks and Hepenstal for their service to CAAC. Neither was in attendance.


III.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES: November 13, 2002 & January 8, 2003.

Malekadeli corrected November 13, 2002 minutes. Add the word “much” to sentence in Section V “questioned how much prior notice.”  Also move item “2d” in priorities to item “4e.”  Neher corrected January 8, 2003 minutes. “Malekadeli” spelled incorrectly in list of CAAC members voting for Granstra.   Minutes approved as amended. 


IV.               PUBLIC COMMENTS:



V.                 OLD BUSINESS:

    1. Goals/Priorities 2002/2003 –

Beacom reviewed staff’s report submitted to CAAC in response to CAAC’s goals/priorities, items 1 & 2, set at November 2002 meeting (agenda packet). 

Contact community – organizations and groups:

Berehula questioned why CAAC meetings were not being videotaped by MCTV.  Beacom said a report was send to City Council last year on the costs of expanding meeting coverage. No action has been taken. Malekadeli stated CAAC could draft a letter inquiring about the status of taping of CAAC of all Board and Commission meetings.  Malekadeli will draft a letter and bring it to the next meeting. 


Promote projects to use MCTV resources (contest):

Instead of a local contest, Granstra said staff should promote entering contests  sponsored by the Alliance for Community Media. Supported idea of Commission participating in “Honors Night.” Malekadeli asked when will the web site be ready.  Beacom said it’s close to coming on-line.  Berehula said he found new program grid hard to read and wanted to know why it was changed. Beacom reviewed process for new look and the benefits of having the grid available in more locations: web site, Channel 97, TV Guide On-Line, Digital TV Guide.


                  2. Promote public access in Community

Beacom reviewed ideas about how CAAC can help promote MCTV in the community. 


Berehula wanted to know when the commission will review the rules about local programs only being cablecast one time per week. Granstra concerned that churches could be hurt by rule that says “as space allows” for outside series. Beacom said discussion of rules will be on the next agenda. Send ideas ahead of time so they can be included in the agenda packet.


VI.               NEW BUSINESS:

A.     Access User Survey Result – Beacom reviewed results from access user survey.



Granstra asked about retention of new access users. Beacom stated MCTV lost a training ground by putting in remote control cameras at City Hall. Need to encourage veteran users to recruit new ones to work on their shows. Granstra would like to come up with ideas for volunteer retention.


Granstra suggested putting identification on the production trailer. Beacom said that hasn’t been done yet because of concerns about vandalism and that the trailer usually isn’t parked in a visible location when at a production.


Granstra asked whether MCTV deals with Charter about the quality of the signal for MCTV. Beacom said staff keeps in contact with Charter. Digital video should help.


Malekadeli asked about the status of the cable franchise agreement.  Beacom said Council and Charter extended the agreement for six more months at the late January Council meeting.


B.     Terms

Beacom reviewed whose terms were up. Berehula only one so far to say he wants to be reappointed. Have not heard from DuBois or Kenny.




Neher said MPS-TV Channel 17 will debut on March 17 at 1700 hours (5:00pm).  It will start with a message board and limited schedule of shows.  No sports or other programming until at least next fall.  An advisory committee has put together rules and procedures. $40,000 for start-up equipment came from the City franchise fee. Smaller amount next year.  Beacom stated MCTV is still handling replay of MPS programs. As the schools increase the number of programs, MPS will have a replay system.


Beacom stated lottery for series this year will have to be done by early June to meet deadline for Yellow Pages ads. Alliance for Community Media Spring Conference is in Covington, Kentucky.  Fall at Akron, Ohio.  Open House for MCTV is on Saturday, April 12.



            Meeting adjourned at 8:40pm.  Next meeting, May 14, 7pm, City Hall Council Chambers



Respectfully submitted


Brandi Rytlewski