PRESENT:    Alex Berehula, Bob Granstra, Thomas Kenny, Linda Malekadeli; Norm Neher


ABSENT:       Todd DuBois  – excused; Roy Green - excused 


ALSO PRESENT:     Ron Beacom, MCTV Director; Melissa Barnard, Library Director;

                                   Brandi Rytlewski, Recording Secretary



I.        CALL TO ORDER: 

           By Malekadeli at 7:03pm



February 12, 2003, minutes approved as submitted.


III.                       PUBLIC COMMENTS: 



IV.   OLD BUSINESS: Franchise Agreement – Access Channels

1.  MGTV Cablecast Letter:    

      Malekadeli stated since her letter was drafted, City Council has moved ahead with the plan to cablecast boards and commissions. Beacom stated it was discussed at the May 5th Council meeting.  Interested in beginning with Zoning Board of Appeals and Cable Access Advisory Commission.  Staff will work with administration to move this forward.  Malekadeli questioned whether the commission should send the letter to Council after Council has already taken action.  Commission agreed to postpone sending the letter.



2. Goals/Priorities 2002/2003:   

      Beacom stated first two priorities were discussed at last meeting.  This meeting will review Priorities 3 – 5.  Beacom reviewed report submitted to commission.  Granstra not sure he likes moving Outside Series to Channel 15 – message board will not be shown as much. Suggested keeping outside series daytime slots on Channel 3 and put evening slots on Channel 15.  Neher questioned the definitions of MCTV and Outside Series.  Doesn’t think equipment that’s used to produce the show should be the determination. Should be whether it’s produced by an access user.  Beacom stated if there is a definition change there isn’t space on 3 for two showings of each series program. Also concerned about showing the same program on two channels.  Malekadeli stated several organizations use the message board a lot – 30 messages in one week. If programming is added, it wouldn’t take away that much air time for the messages.  Kenny stated if programming moves from 3 to 15, he’d want to know what the users of the message board would think.  Their exposure would be limited.  Granstra asked if Channel 15 needs to meet the volume of programming criteria noted in the franchise agreement to help determine whether a fifth channel can be activated.   Beacom stated 15 would have to meet the criteria.   Neher proposed putting all the church programming on one channel.  Granstra stated when this was discussed before, churches did not want to be on a “religious” channel.  Many viewers would just switch past a religious channel. When church shows are with other programs, it blends in more.  Malekadeli suggested surveying churches who use MCTV to see if they would like to be on their own channel.  Beacom said he’s uncomfortable with the idea of a separate church channel. Malekadeli said if CAAC’s franchise agreement recommendations are approved in the new agreement, City could get a fifth channel. Beacom said he doesn’t know if that will end up in the new agreement. Nothing new to report since agreement was extended at the end of January for six months.   Granstra stated he’d like to get public input.  Beacom stated CAAC should have a public hearing at the September meeting about the staff proposal, review input at the following meeting then act on the original proposal or develop a new one. Malekadeli asked for motion to set public hearing.  Motion by Granstra, seconded by Neher.  Motion passed unanimously. 


4.      Improve Communication with community. 

      Beacom reviewed report submitted.  Granstra asked if MCTV uses various media to promote a particular show.  Beacom said it’s primarily the producers responsibility for promotion of their program but contacts are sometimes made to promote shows or profile access users.  MCTV regularly promotes programs on the message board, in the program schedule as space allows, the newsletter, and there have been promotional campaigns on video.


Beacom showed the website to the commission.


3. CAAC Terms:  

       Beacom stated Berehula and DeBois have been reappointed, Kenny did not seek reappointment.   


V.        New Business - Meeting Schedule:

Malekadeli asked if it’s possible to move the CAAC meeting from the second Wednesday to the first Wednesday of the month or the first Tuesday. Commission members said first Wednesday would work. Beacom will work with Malekadeli on meeting date changes.


VI.         Announcements:

     Beacom thanked Kenny for his past services. 


    Beacom announced the lottery for series is May 20, 6:30pm. New time slots will become effective in July.


    Beacom reviewed his attendance at the ACM conference in Kentucky.  A lot of issues for cable/public access. Next conference is in Akron, Ohio in October.


VIII.  Adjournment:

Motion to adjourn at 8:12pm. Meeting adjourned.



Respectfully Submitted, Brandi Rytlewski