MINUTES OF September 3, 2003 - adopted


PRESENT:    Todd DuBois, Bob Granstra; Roy Green; Linda Malekadeli; Norm Neher


ABSENT:       Alex Berehula - unexcused


ALSO PRESENT:  Ron Beacom, MCTV; Brandi Rytlewski, Recording Secretary;

         Melissa Barnard, Library Director     


I.                     CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL:

    By Malekadeli at 7pm.


II.                   ELECTION OF CHAIR – Malekadeli stated she would like to remain as chair.  Granstra nominated Malekadeli. Seconded by Neher.  Malekadeli elected chair.  Malekadeli asked for nominations for vice-chair.  Neher nominated Granstra.  Seconded by DuBois.  Granstra elected vice-chair.


III.                  APPROVAL OF MAY 14 & JUNE 30, 2003 MINUTES.  May minutes approved as submitted.  June minutes approved as submitted.



IV.               PUBLIC COMMENTS – none


V.                 OLD BUSINESS:

a.      CAAC Vacancy –One at-large position remains open on the commission. Anyone interested should apply at the City Manager’s office.

b.      Cable Franchise Agreement – The agreement was approved by City Council but Charter has not signed it yet.

c.      Public Hearing – MCTV 15 – Beacom reviewed the proposal given at the May meeting to move outside series programs to channel 15 to allow for two showings per week.  Malekadeli asked for public comment.


Larry Pillepich stated he was concerned about MCTV looking for more channels.  He questioned if current channels were being used properly. They should not be allowed to advertise on the channel.  Some of the religious programs and some special programs should be considered advertisements when they have an 800 number at the end of the program for viewers to call. Programming that exists should follow guidelines of no advertising, then there might be more room on the channel. 


Jeff Buckland, access user of MCTV, supports programming on channel 15 that would give more airtime to programs like his.


Malekadeli closed the public hearing and asked for commission comments.


Neher questioned whether there were programs that didn’t follow the rules.  Beacom stated the producer or person who submits a show fills out a form that includes the rules on program content.  Staff does not preview programs because of legal concerns but if any program is brought to the staff’s attention with a content problem, the program is pulled and the producer/submitter is contacted.  Programs cannot have a “call to action” but can give phone number to call for more information.


Green asked if programming added to channel 15 would add to MCTV’s costs.  The first issue will be capacity of replay system. City Council at their last meeting approved cablecasting of boards and commissions so there will be an increase in programming. The replay system will have to be enhanced for that. However, the new video server and the schools plan to have their own replay system should help MCTV handle adding programming to MCTV 15. 


DuBois asked Pillepich if he sees advertising mostly coming from outside or locally produced programs.  Pilapitch stated he has seen it on both. 


Beacom reviewed the two emails received about putting programming on channel 15, one for and one against.  Neher stated he received one comment in favor of programming on 15.  


Neher asked if the definition is changed to programs locally produced in Midland County, will there be room on 3 for these programs?  Beacom stated there are ten programs produced in Midland County totaling 11 hours and there is only 5 hours available in prime time.  Granstra asked if any of the current access channels are close to having enough programming to get another channel.  Beacom said no. The City will be able to get another channel when Charter goes completely digital.  


Green asked if we have more recent viewership information about the message board.   The last survey was done in 1999 and the new agreement doesn’t require a survey. 


Malekadeli suggested we split the programs between 3 and 15.  Beacom stated that might be confusing for viewers.  Granstra stated he would be in favor of filling up channel 3 with programming and then put the rest of the programs on 15.   Granstra stated programs produced in Midland County would be on 3 until all the space is full then the rest would go on 15. Neher stated he’d want input from access users on this proposal.  DuBois favored having programs produced in Midland County receive priority over the programs produced outside Midland County.  Programs produced outside of Midland County would still get only one airing on channel 3.


Staff will review the commission proposal and report at the next meeting.  Public access producers will be given an opportunity to respond to the proposal.

d.      Viewer Comments – no formal comments received by staff.



            a. Review CAAC Goals for 2002-03, Discuss 2003-04.

Goals were discussed and prioritized:

1.      Review of MCTV Rules and Procedures

2.      Develop policy for overflow programming on Channel 15

3.      Promote public access in community

4.      Encourage development of quality programming

5.      Improve communication with the community

            b. Annual Report – Beacom reviewed report submitted.  Granstra moved to accept report

                as submitted. Green seconded. Motion passed. 

c.  Honors Night – Beacom announced Honors night is on Thursday, October 2, 7pm, and

a member from the commission is needed to present the Rosemarie Byers Community award to the winner.  Malekadeli volunteered.  Granstra said he would also be there.



e.      Meeting Dates 2004. 

Wednesday, 7:00 p.m., Council Chambers

February 11, May 12, September 8, November 10, 2004

e.   MGTV Meeting Cablecasts – The Human Resources Department will advertise for part-time positions to help tape the city’s boards and commissions.


VII.       Announcements

Beacom stated the fall ACM meeting is in October in Akron, Ohio.  If anyone is interested in attending to let him know. Also MCTV’s video camp held over the summer was successful and the 2003-04 Zoom class starts Thursday, September 4.


Granstra moved to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 8:55p.m.