MINUTES OF December 10, 2003


PRESENT:    Linda Malekadeli; Norm Neher; Todd DuBois, Roy Green; Bob Granstra


ABSENT:       Alex Berehula – excused


ALSO PRESENT:  Ron Beacom, MCTV; Brandi Rytlewski, Recording Secretary;

         Melissa Barnard, Library Director     



I.                     Call To Order:

By Malekadeli at 7pm


II.                   Welcome to viewers: 

Malekadeli welcomed viewers to the first live cablecasting of CAAC meeting.


III.                  Approval of minutes:  September minutes approved as submitted


IV.               Public Comments:



V.                 Old Business

1.      Public Hearing – Programming on MCTV 15 – Beacom reviewed the proposal of cablecasting programs on channel 15.  Recommendation of changing the wording for outside programs.  Current wording - programs not produced using MCTV facility or equipment is outside series and specials, programs produced using MCTV facility or equipment are MCTV series and specials.  Recommended changes of wording to programs not produced in Midland County are outside series and specials and programs produced in Midland County are MCTV series and specials.  This would increase program volume and not giving enough prime time slots for all the program series.  Overflow would have to go on channel 15.  Main issues:  Messages shown on 15 would not be seen for several hours during prime time weekdays.  Another is one program may be on channel 3 during the day and prime time on channel 15.  Malekadeli asked for public comments.  Beacom stated he received two emails stating against the programming on channel 15 – (in agenda packet).  Colleen Fulks, 2705 Whitewood, stated in August 97 presented to council of overflow programming from channel 3 to then channel 5 – message board. Council voted no programming on the message board.  Thereby creating channel 5 for Government, lightening the programs on channel 3.  Fulks stated not in favor of overflow on channel 15, would hurt chances of getting another access channel.  Questioned why the Midland school’s games were not on channel 17, would free up more space.  Neher stated at that time the schools did not have replay, would take it slowly, they now have replay and as long as the programs meet the schools criteria. DuBois questioned how many hours would it take away from the message board.  Beacom stated current proposal would be just a few hours.  Green questioned when the change to channel 17 did 15 loose messages.  Beacom asked Rytlewski.  Rytlewski stated just a few. Malekadeli questioned Beacom what CAAC’s options are.  Beacom stated one of 3, do nothing, leave wording and could move all outside series channel 15, change the wording and move some programming to 15.  Granstra stated to have least impact the proposal to change wording and overflow on channel 15.  With appropriate promotion doesn’t see loss of viewers for programs and least impact on messages.  Malekadeli and Neher agreed.   Beacom recommended time line in February meeting brings back wording to change the rules – present it to city council and their time frame.  Could meet the time frame for the upcoming lottery and the phone book advertising.  Granstra moved to have MCTV staff write up the wording for the rule change.  Neher seconded.  Motion passed.


2.      CAAC Vacancy  Beacom stated have a vacancy for citizen at – large.  Anyone interested to contact the City Managers office. 


3.      Viewer comments  No formal viewer comments on programming or other.


4.      Review of 2003/2004 goals Beacom reviewed goals adopted at the September meeting. Malekadeli asked for people to be on the sub-committee to find people in the community to do psa’s that promote MCTV.  Granstra, Green and Malekadeli on sub-committee.


VI.               Old Business

Coleen Fulks questioned if the commission has received any report on the process, statistical information and comments on how the lottery is going.  Granstra asked Beacom for a verbal report on the lottery.  Beacom stated at least ½ of the shows represented. This year there was more turn over in time slots.  Most of local series are represented outside series aren’t as well represented.  Neher stated didn’t feel commission needed statistics on program turnover just a verbal pole on people who participate feel its going.


VII.       New business

1.      Volunteer survey lunch – Beacom handed out an over view of the survey from the volunteer survey lunch.  Reviewed it.  Fulks asked how many people came to the lunch.  Beacom stated 28 the largest number.


2.      Fulks asked for permission to speak, missed public comments.  Questioned what the

the policy for MCTV’s archival of programs.  Malekadeli referred to Beacom.  Beacom is an informal process of archiving programs.  Now the question is what format to transfer the current archive programs to.  Fulks stated other stations have a formal archive process, suggested commission should oversee MCTV’s process.  Beacom stated it is a good issue to have a formal archieval policy – Historical Society did come to MCTV to view some past programming MCTV has compiled.  Honors night holds past programs.  DuBoise suggested putting that on the next agenda. 


3.      Fulks also suggested the commission should create a new award sponsored, awarding

people who are actively involved in the impact of public access.  Suggested people from Cliff Miles being the first City Manager to start MCTV to volunteers like Bob Granstra who got the cablecasting of sporting events.  Malekadeli asked commission for comments. Will take it under advisement.


VIII       Announcements

Beacom stated Marion Frazee, MCTV office worker out ill. Also working with architect to

renovate MCTV office area making better use of dead space.  MCTV volunteer access `     user Bob Hartley is a winner at the Philo T. Farnsworth award for Football Replay.


IX         Adjournment meeting adjourn at 8:52pm.