PRESENT:  Don Deibert, Todd DuBois, Bob Granstra, Roy Green, Fred Johnson, Jim Huber, Linda Malekadeli




ALSO PRESENT:  Ron Beacom, MCTV Director; Brandi Rytlewski, Secretary


I.                    Call To Order:

By Beacom, 7pm


II.                  Welcome New Members

Commission members introduced themselves


III.                Election of Officers – Chair and Vice-Chair

Beacom explained process for election of officers.  Green nominated Malekadeli for Chair.  Granstra seconded.  Motion passed. 


Linda Malekadeli – Chair. 


Malekadeli asked for nominations for vice-chair.  Johnson nominated Green.  DuBois seconded.  Motion passed. 


Roy Green Vice – Chair


IV.               Approval of June 2, 2004 Minutes

Minutes approved as submitted


V.                 Public Comments



VI.               Old Business – Absences – Commission Member

Beacom reviewed recommendation to City Council to vacate Commissioner Berehula’s access user seat on CAAC.   Council approved recommendation. Don Diebert later appointed as citizen at large.  Malekadeli’s position changed to access user from at-large.


VII.             New Business

1.      Attendance Ordinance – Council

Beacom reviewed ordinance amendment set by City Council on commission member attendance requirements.  Section 2-243 of the City of Midland Code of Ordinances – Goal is make sure City Council and citizens’ business is accomplished.  Green asked if this means CAAC members can only miss one meeting because CAAC meets quarterly.  Beacom stated yes.


2.      Annual Report 2003-04

Beacom presented the CAAC Annual Report for 2003/2004 to submit to City Council.  Green asked if there was any feedback regarding changes to move some programs to Channel 15.  Beacom stated MCTV has not received any.  MCTV promoted the changes.  Johnson asked if report should include Deibert’s appointment and change in Malekadeli’s position even though those changes were made in new City year. Granstra moved to accept changes for report.  Green seconded.  Motion passed.  Beacom will make changes and submit report to Council.



3.      Goals 2004-05

Beacom presented proposed goals to commission.  Green asked about status of MCTV equipment upgrade to non-linear.  Beacom stated digital cameras and machines are in use.  The machines are in for non-linear editing.  Waiting on software to protect users work on the machines.  Estimated time frame is a month out from offering training.  Malekadeli asked for motion to accept goals.  Granstra moved to accept goals.  DuBois seconded.  Motion passed.


1.      Proposed 2005 Meeting Dates

Beacom presented proposed meeting dates for 2004/2005.  Deibert discussed what’s expected of commission, results and goals. Will commission need to meet more than quarterly?  Beacom said commission has met more than quarterly in the past when needed and might need to again for work on survey.  Huber questioned whether sub-committees have been used by commission before. Malekadeli stated they have used sub-committees in the past.  Malekadeli asked for motion to accept dates.  DuBois moved to accept dates.  Huber seconded.  Motion passed.


2.      MCTV’s 20th Anniversary

Beacom reviewed MCTV’s 20th anniversary plans for Honor’s Night. 


I.                    Announcements

Beacom made commission members aware of the ACM fall conference, in October 7 - 9.  Any can attend.  There is a state chapter meeting at the new access center in Mt. Pleasant this Friday, September 9 for a day event. 


II.                  Adjournment.  Next Meeting, November 10, 2004

Granstra moved to adjourn.  Johnson seconded.  Meeting adjourned 7:48pm.



Respectfully submitted



Brandi Rytlewski