NOVEMBER 10, 2004


PRESENT:   Bob Granstra, Roy Green, Fred Johnson, Jim Huber, Linda Malekadeli


ABSENT:  Don Deibert, Todd DuBois


ALSO PRESENT:  Ron Beacom, MCTV Director; Brandi Rytlewski, Secretary;

                                 Melissa Barnard, Library Director


I.                     Call To Order

By Malekadeli at 7pm


II.                   Approval – September 8, 2004 Minutes

Minutes approved as submitted


III.                  Public Comments



IV.               Old Business

1.      Annual Report – City Council

Beacom stated City Council accepted CAAC’s annual report.


2.      Goals 2004-05

Beacom reviewed the goals approved by CAAC at the September meeting.  Stated timeline for each goal.  Malekadeli suggested MCTV producers could also produce promos about MCTV. 


V.                 New Business

1.      Subscriber Survey

Beacom gave the history of surveys done in 1991, ’93, ’95 and ’99 by the cable provider and the group from CMU.  MCTV has been able to submit questions for the survey.  One has not been done since the ascertainment process for the franchise agreement.   Beacom will give CMU information for them to estimate the cost to conduct a survey in the fall of 2005. That estimate will be used in the budget process. Green questioned whether funding the survey would negatively affect MCTV’s budget. Beacom stated it shouldn’t.  Johnson asked who would determine the specific questions. Beacom said CMU would come up with the final wording after getting our input, suggested questions and areas of interest.  Beacom reviewed the questions asked in past surveys. Discussion followed on the format of questions.  Beacom presented possible questions for the 2005 survey (agenda packet).  Asked commission for input on types of questions they would like to ask for public access. Johnson suggested that a sub-committee be formed to put questions together to bring back to the commission.  Beacom stated that’s needed for now, just need to give CMU enough information to determine the cost for budget purposes. Will have CMU meet with the commission in the late spring or early fall to over questions.  Huber asked how many subscribers there are. Beacom stated 13, 000 subscribers in the City of Midland but the access channels  reach up to 20,000 when you include parts of the surrounding townships. General topics discussed for survey:  *Quality of the signal – some interest but most problems with signal now at subscriber’s home. 

*Types of programming watched-Johnson stated he likes the community message board. Beacom stated a question about that is proposed.

 *Children’s programming- Beacom stated most programming involving children is now on MPS-TV 17—might not want to confuse that with children’s shows on MCTV 3.

*Whether or not members of the public want to take MCTV training.

 *Emergency information – government channel.

 *School channel – school closings.

 *Awareness that the cable channels are run by the City and the schools, not the cable company.

 *Franchise fee – Important to find out how to better server the customers.

  *Awareness access exists - still useful information. 

Beacom stated MPS and the City Manager’s Office will also be submitting question topics.


2.      Access User Survey

Beacom said staff has surveyed users on equipment, policies, procedures, recruitment, retention, and recognition effots for several years as the staff goes into the budget process. Reviewed the past questions sent to MCTV access users. Another survey will be sent out mid-November.


1.      City Roundtable

Beacom announced meeting dates for roundtable discussions for City Council to gather input on priorities for the 2005-06 City budget.


2.      ACM Regional Conference

Malekadeli presented an overview of the seminars she attended at the ACM conference in Sterling Heights. Areas included:  Public policy update, media literacy awareness, importance of getting information out, partnering with local agencies: Chamber of Commerce, schools etc. Producers have untapped potential to be promoters of public access, not just producers. Recommended commission members attend future conferences.  Beacom gave background on ACM. 


VI.               Announcements

Beacom said MCTV has new intern: Caleb Hansen. Current intern Ben Bates left position early because his wife got a job in Kalamazoo.

 MCTV’s  20th Anniversary celebration and “Honors Night” went well.  Feedback was good for holding the event in the auditorium and the lounge. Will do it again on October 3, 2005 in the library auditorium.  Acknowledged League of Women Voters for Election Night coveage and candidates  forums. Acknowledged the volunteers who have been taping playoff football games.


VII.              Adjournment

Meeting adjourned 8:31pm.





 Next meeting February 9, 2005