FEBRUARY 9, 2005


PRESENT: Don Deibert; Todd DuBois, Roy Green, Fred Johnson, Linda Malekadeli


ABSENT:  Jim Huber; Bob Granstra


ALSO PRESENT:  Ron Beacom – MCTV; Melissa Barnard – Library; Brandi Pfohl – Secretary


I.                    CALL To Order

By Malekadeli at 7pm


II.                 APPROVAL - of November 10, 2004 minutes

Minutes approved as submitted


III.               PUBLIC Comments



IV.              OLD Business

1.      Goals 2004-05

Beacom reviewed goals.  Goal 4 – improve communication with community - Beacom suggested adding the commission members e-mail addresses to MCTV’s web site for the public to contact a commission member.  Malekadeli stated she liked the idea.  Deibert stated a member of the commission should be willing to be contacted by the public.  Johnson stated he wouldn’t be comfortable responding to questions regarding policy. He didn’t see an advantage because he would always have to refer e-mails to Beacom.  Green questioned whether there’s a specific amount of time to respond similar to response time for Freedom of Information Act requests. Beacom said FOIA is a more formal process. Barnard stated commission can’t hold e-mail discussions with other members to answer a question.  In response to Johnson public wants to know their question was acknowledged and answer may not occur until next commission meeting.


2.      Subscriber Survey

Beacom reviewed subscriber survey presented at November meeting.  CMU’s estimated cost of survey was $16,000, much higher than what was speculated. Will look at other options to measure viewership (focus groups, mail survey, etc).


3.      Access User Survey

Beacom reviewed the process to annually survey MCTV access users.  Summary of survey in agenda packet.  Green questioned whether the lottery system was working.  Beacom stated having many sports and music programs move to MPS-TV 17 from MCTV 3 has opened up time on channel 3 which has benefited the replay of special programs. In terms of series and the lottery, there have been no complaints that the lottery isn’t fair. Of the programs that moved to MCTV 15, those producers haven’t complained.  Johnson asked if MCTV has done any orientation/training with the high schools, i.e drama clubs to enlist future access users.  Beacom stated MCTV hasn’t specifically recruited those kids but some of those behind the scenes kids have participated through the high school video communications class. Something to consider.  Diebert asked whether kids do the camera work for the programs on

MPS-TV 17.  Beacom stated much of the sports and music programs are produced by access users. Kids work on the Zoom program and may work on some other programs for the schools.


V.                 NEW Business

Benchmark – Beacom reviewed past benchmark surveys done.   Asked what other questions commission would like to ask.  Malekadeli stated population & number of subscribers for each community.  DuBois number of hours of original programming, and what their process is for determining time slots. 


VI.              ANNOUNCEMENTS

Beacom invited commission to attend a trade show and Alliance for Community Media state chapter workshop in Lansing on Tuesday, March 8. Only cost is lunch. Beacom also promoted the ACM regional conference in the spring is in Indianapolis, March 31-April 2 and the Fall Conference in Kentucky.


Access User of the month for February is commission member Roy Green. Green stated it’s a unique opportunity to participate in the Midland community.


Training on Saturday, March 12 for board and commission member, variety of subjects to help conduct meetings and deal with the public.  Johnson would like information from the City Attorney on proper procedure when citizens make contact with a commission member.  Beacom stated he could get that information.


Beacom said the terms for two commission members expire in June: Granstra and Green.

City will contact them to find out if they want to apply for a new term.



VII.            ADJOURNMENT – Next meeting, May 11, 2005

Meeting adjourned at 7:56pm