MAY 11, 2005


PRESENT:  Don Deibert; Todd DuBois, Bob Granstra, Roy Green, Jim Huber, Fred Johnson,

Linda Malekadeli




ALSO PRESENT:  Ron Beacom – MCTV; Melissa Barnard – Library; Brandi Pfohl – Secretary


I.                    CALL To Order

By Malekadeli at 7pm


II.                 APPROVAL - of February 9, 2005 minutes

Minutes approved as submitted


III.               PUBLIC Comments



IV.              OLD Business

1.      Goals 2004-05

Beacom reviewed goals. 


2.      CAAC Appointments

Beacom stated Roy Green and Bob Granstra were both reappointed by City Council.


3.      Subscriber – FOCUS Groups

Beacom stated MCTV will not be able to do FOCUS groups this fall because of budget issues. More on the budget later.


V.                 NEW Business

1.      Board & Commission Training.

Beacom stated the City conducted a training session for boards and commissions members.  Deibert and Green attended.  Deibert stated it was informative. Dealt with the do's and don'ts of being a commission member and being on TV.  Green stated it was an opportunity to meet other boards and commission members and discuss what they are doing and how they handle different situations.


2.      Benchmark

Beacom reviewed the benchmark survey submitted to the commission. (agenda packet).


3.      MCTV Budget

Beacom reviewed budget presentation that was given to City Council on May 2. Five-year plan shows a deficit. Green asked about $100,000 item in capital later in the five-year plan. Beacom stated that’s for replacement of existing field cameras and tape machines for editing and replay. Beacom stated the first SVHS cameras purchased around 1990 had a long life. Replacement cameras purchased in late 1990s had a similar cost but didn’t last as long.

The digital DVCAMs purchased in 2002-03 are a better, more expensive camera and will hopefully have a long life. Malekadeli asked about the fluctuation in “Other Charges.”  Beacom stated money budgeted for the franchise fee lawsuit and an audit of Charter is only for the coming year. After 2006-07, the budget doesn’t show the $20,000 given annually to the Midland Public Schools to support the school channel. That year marks the end of five-year agreement with MPS. Green asked if the City had received numbers from Charter regarding the number of subscribers and whether those numbers are up or down. Beacom said in June last year Charter said there were 13,165 subscribers in the City. Don’t know if that’s up or down from previous years. Might find that out in an audit. Malekadeli asked about the increase in personal services.  Beacom stated that’s due to increases in health insurance,

pre-funded retirees’ health, and pension costs.


      4.   Attendance Policy

Beacom stated City Council is asking input from all boards and commission members on the attendance policy. Beacom reviewed policy.  Green stated you make a commitment to serve and know that the meetings are scheduled ahead of time so you should be able to attend. However, City Council should take into consideration unforeseen circumstances.  Deibert, Johnson and Huber in agreement, but personal calendars can change. Malekadeli asked about what other commissions thought about the policy.  Barnard stated comments have been the same as CAAC’s.


5.      ACM Memberships 

Beacom stated money is budgeted for memberships for the commission. 


VI.              ANNOUNCEMENTS

Beacom stated the Open House on April 16th had great attendance. MCTV again worked with   GMS Arts Education on the “hands on” mural.

Caleb Hansen’s internship will be completed at the end of June. New intern, Dan Goodell, will begin July 5. 

Beacom reviewed the spring ACM conference he attended in Indianapolis.

Summer video camp for June is filled, have added a second session in August.

This year’s Honors Night is Saturday, October 15. 


VII.            ADJOURNMENT – Next meeting, September 14, 2005

Meeting adjourned at 8:04pm.



Respectfully submitted,



Brandi Pfohl

Recording Secretary