SEPTEMBER 14, 2005


PRESENT: Don Deibert; Todd DuBois, Jim Huber, Fred Johnson, Linda Malekadeli


ABSENT:  Bob Granstra, Roy Green


ALSO PRESENT:  Ron Beacom – MCTV, Melissa Barnard – Library,

Brandi Pfohl – Secretary


I.                     CALL To Order

By Beacom at 7pm


II.                   Election of Officers

1.      Chair – Huber moved to nominate Malekadeli, seconded by Deibert.  Motion passed unanimously. Malekadeli chair.  

2.      Vice-chair – Deibert moved to nominate Huber as Vice-chair seconded by Johnson.  Motion passed unanimously.  Huber Vice-chair.


III.                  APPROVAL - of May 11, 2005 minutes

Minutes approved as submitted.


IV.               PUBLIC Comments



V.                 OLD Business


Deibert questioned if the council made any changes in the attendance policy for commission members.  Beacom stated none were made.


VI.               NEW Business

1.      Annual Report – 2004-05:

Beacom reviewed the proposed annual report by the commission to be submitted to City Council.  Deibert moved to accept report, seconded by Huber.  Beacom will forward the report to City Council.


2.      Goals – 2005-06

Beacom reviewed suggested goals for the commission for the 2005-06.  Malekadeli stated she would like to continue with commission members taping PR spots on community access.  Deibert moved to approve goals with the addition of the PR spots, seconded by DuBois.  Motion passed unanimously.


3.      Proposed 2006 Meeting Date

Beacom submitted the proposed meeting dates for 2006: second Wednesday in February, May, September and November.  Huber moved to accept the meeting dates, seconded by Deibert.  Motion passed unanimously.




4.      Federal Legislation 

Beacom reviewed the Alliance for Community Media and the National League of Cities positions in opposition to proposed federal legislation that will reduce a city’s control over the public right of way and reduce the franchise fees which are used to support community access television (Agenda packet).  Beacom stated a letter was sent to Congressman Camp by the City opposing this legislation.  Malekadeli asked when it was going before Congress.  Beacom stated with the vacancies in the Supreme Court and Hurricane Katrina, it’s difficult to say when. Deibert asked if it was known who created the bill.  Beacom stated Verizon is said to have had a role. Verizon doesn’t want to have to negotiate with each individual municipality for franchise agreements to provide video. Some cable companies are against the bill.  Huber asked why there’s support for it.  A Verizon news release said “consumer driven markets work better than those managed by the government.”  Beacom said the Alliance isn’t opposed to telecommunications providers making a profit. The Alliance just wants a percentage of whatever spectrum set aside for the public to use for non-commercial uses and to have a funding mechanism to support it. Malekadeli stated that cable access users and the public should take action to oppose this bill.  Johnson stated local communities can look out for their own interest better than a larger body looking over everyone.  Malekadeli asked if something could be put on the message board stating what’s wrong with the bill.  Beacom stated that could be put on channel 15.



1. Beacom announced 2005 MCTV’s “Honors Night” is on Saturday, October 15. 

2. MCTV will host the ACM’s Central States Region Spring Conference,

May 4-6, 2006. Also, Louisville will host the Fall Conference, November 3-5. Contact Beacom if there is interest in attending.

3. Malekadeli urged anyone who utilizes community access to contact their congressman and senators about opposing the federal legislation.


ADJOURNMENT – Next meeting, November 9, 2005

Meeting adjourned at 7:49pm.




Respectfully submitted


Brandi Pfohl

Office Assistant