SEPTEMBER 13, 2006


PRESENT: Ernie Bedford, Don Deibert; Bob Granstra, Roy Green, Linda Malekadeli



ALSO PRESENT: Melissa Barnard Library Director


I.                     CALL To Order

By Beacom at 7pm


II.                   WELCOME New Member

Beacom reported there is a change in the representative for the Midland Public Schools. Norm Neher will be replacing Jim Huber and Neher should be at the next meeting. Beacom introduced Ernie Bedford, a new citizen-at-large member.


III.                  ELECTION Of Chair

1.      Chair

Beacom opened the floor for nominations. Deibert nominated Malekadeli. Green seconded. No other nominations. Beacom called for vote. Motion to make Malekadeli chair passed unanimously. Malekadeli will serve as chair.


2.      Vice-Chair

Malekadeli called for nominations of Vice-Chair. Deibert nominated Granstra. Green seconded. No other nominations. Deibert moved to close nominations. Bedford seconded. Malekadeli called for vote. Motion passed unanimously. Granstra will serve as Vice-Chair.


IV.               APPROVAL - of May 10, 2006 Minutes

Minutes approved as submitted


V.                 PUBLIC Comments



VI.               OLD Business

1.      Cable Communications Fund

Beacom presented an update on the status of the Cable Communications Fund. City Council approved the one-time payment of the $106,100 this fiscal year. For the fiscal year 2007-08, MCTV will be looking at the same deficit issue. MCTV will also have to consider the impact of the pending legislation that could cause more of a reduction in revenue if it is passed.


2.      Commission Vacancy

Beacom stated the position for a Media Professional is still vacant. City Council may consider another citizen at large or MCTV volunteer to fill the position.







VII.              NEW Business

1.      Annual Report, 2005,06

Beacom reviewed the annual report to be submitted to City Council (agenda packet). Green moved to accept the annual report as submitted. Deibert seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


2.      CAAC Goals, 2006-07

Beacom presented the proposed goals to the commission (agenda packet). Deibert emphasized the importance of the third goal which is to increase awareness among the public and the access users about the challenges facing MCTV. Bedford moved to accept the goals as presented. Deibert seconded. Motion passed unanimously.


3.      Friends of MCTV

Beacom reviewed the purpose of the Friends of MCTV. Stated Malekadeli and Deibert held meetings in June, July and August, and planned meetings for September, October and November. Deibert stated the initial goal of the Friends was to obtain a 5013c. Denise Spencer from the Midland Area Community Foundation had indicated another option would be to set-up a fund with the Foundation, using their 5013c status which means fund raising could start right away. Deibert stated the paperwork for the setting up the 5013c could be started at the same time as the agreement is made with the Community Foundation. Need to formalize the documents and have $5,000 to open the fund with the Foundation. Also should raise another $1,000 for fundraising costs. Beacom stated the foundation approved the agreement with the Friends of MCTV, still need to come up with the $5000. Malekadeli stated $2,250 has been raised so far. Have sent out letters to large organizations that use MCTV to raise the start-up money. Now have to start planning fundraising events. Honors Night will be the first. Beacom said Deibert has been handling the legal aspects while Malekadeli has headed up the fundraising committee. Membership/Public relations committee has been working on how to price the membership fee and determine the benefits of being a member. Also working on how to promote access television in Midland. Green asked what happens if someone wants to make a contribution before the $5,000 is raised, is there still a tax benefit if done before December 31st? Deibert said the checks will be held on to until the $5,000 is raised and the fund is set-up. Beacom said the fundraising letter asks that the checks be made out to the Midland Area Community Foundation.


4.      Ordinance & Rules Changes

Beacom reviewed the proposed changes to MCTV Fees Ordinance and the Rules and Procedures which includes the addition of an access user annual fee and a revision in the video duplication fees and policies. A special hearing in October will be needed to get pubic input on the proposed changes, tentatively set for October 11, 2006.

Discussion followed on pros and cons of assessing the access user fee and raising costs for training. Also discussed the pros and cons of assessing access user fee on the occasional message board user.


Deibert made a motion to raise initial training fee from $10 $20. Green seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Deibert made a motion that the annual user fee w not apply to the persons who take the initial training that calendar year. Granstra seconded. Motion failed 3-2.


Yeas Deibert, Granstra


Nays Bedford, Green, Malekadeli


Motion failed.


Beacom stated a public hearing date needs to be set if October 11 does not work. Thursday, October 19th is available. Beacom read the resolution. Granstra motioned to accept resolution. Bedford seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Public hearing will be held on Thursday, October 19th.


(NOTE: Hearing now changed to Monday, October 30th because of conflicts for the commission with the October 19th date)



5.      Meeting Dates, 2007

Beacom presented meeting dates for quarterly meetings for 2007. Deibert made motion to accept meeting dates as submitted. Green seconded. Motion passed unanimously.



Beacom updated commission on the legislation. On the federal level, the House passed the COPE Bill last spring. The Senate is now working on the Stevens bill. House version is more favorable to access. On the state level, the House version (HB6456) is worse than the federal legislation. Could reduce franchise fee by 30%. Deibert asked whether these bills allow cable providers to provide phone service. Beacom stated they already can.


Beacom stated a couple of staff members have been out of the office battling illnesses.


The next ACM conference is in Lansing, November 16-18th, which will include the Philo Awards on Friday night.


IX.               ADJOURNMENT Next meeting, Special meeting October 19, 2006. Regular meeting November 8th Granstra motioned to adjourn meeting. Green seconded. Meeting adjourned 8:33pm.




Respectfully Submitted,


Brandi Pfohl

Recording Secretary