November 8, 2006


PRESENT:  Jason Brown; Don Deibert; Linda Malekadeli, Norm Neher


ABSENT:  Ernest Bedford, Bob Granstra, Roy Green


ALSO PRESENT:  Melissa Barnard – Library


I.                    CALL To Order

By Malekadeli at 7pm


II.                 APPROVAL - of October 30, 2006 Minutes

Minutes approved as submitted. 


III.               Public Comments-None.


IV.              Old Business

1.      Proposed Revisions-Ordinances & Rules

Beacom reviewed the proposed changes to the MCTV Fees Ordinance and Rules and

Procedures as submitted to the commission (agenda packet). In addition to the public input received at the October 30 meeting, MCTV received two more e-mails in support of the changes (agenda packet).  Deibert voiced support for the changes. Neher would like to see a scholarship program for those with financial need. Deibert suggested scholarships provided by the Friends of MCTV. Ordinance doesn’t allow for a waiver of the fee. Motion to recommend to City Council to adopt these changes by Neher, second by Deibert. Motion approved 4-0.


2.      CAAC Goals, 2006-07

Beacom reviewed goals for this fiscal year.


3.      Friends of MCTV Update

Beacom reported planning for Honors Night fundraiser underway. Fund with the Midland Area Community Foundation has been opened. Membership drive also underway.


V.                 New Business-None.


VI.              Announcements

1.      Beacom said Honors Night will be held on Thursday, November 30 at 7:00p.m. in the Library Auditorium. Silent Auction and reception will be held in Lounge both before and after the program.


VII.            Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:20p.m.


                  Next meeting-February 14, 2007-7:00pm.