May 14, 2008


PRESENT:  Bob Granstra, Roy Green, Linda Malekadeli, Norm Neher


ABSENT:  Ernie Bedford, Don Deibert


ALSO PRESENT:  Melissa Barnard – Library Director; Brandi Athey – Secretary


I.                   CALL To Order

By Malekadeli at 7pm


II.                APPROVAL - of February 13, 2008 Minutes

Minutes approved as submitted. 





IV.             OLD Business

1.      CAAC Goals, 2007-08

Beacom reviewed the goals and where the Commission is at in completing them.  A DVD was shown of area organizations promoting the use of MCTV.  


2.      Cable Communications Fund

Beacom stated City Council is scheduled to adopt the City’s budget on Monday, May 19. 


Beacom updated the Commission on MCTV’s revenue by stating money from Charter is ahead of their projection.  Fees paid to MCTV are also ahead and that sponsorship/underwriting is behind the initial projection but the program was just launched in March. 


Neher questioned how the solicitation for sponsorships/underwriting was done.  Beacom stated that a list of potential underwriters was developed.  First letters were sent, then follow-up phone calls were made. 


Beacom announced that MCTV received a grant from the Great Lakes Loons to purchase equipment. 


Barnard informed the Commission that the look of the City Budget document has changed to provide more background information about the various city departments along with the budget figures. 






3.      Friends of MCTV

Beacom stated that the group meets every other month.  The Friends have received their 5013 (c) status. As a fundraising effort, the Friends of MCTV will park cars in the parking lot across from the baseball field at two Loons games and all of the money will go to the Friends.


4.      Video Franchising Law

Beacom informed the Commission that Meridian Township and Okemos are still in a legal fight with Comcast about channel location.  Beacom will be attending a meeting with Charter to get information on their plans for the transition from analog to digital.  AT&T has not yet asked to offer TV service in the Midland area. 


5.      CAAC Vacancy:

Beacom informed the Commission that the Media Professional position is still open and, due to scheduling conflicts, Deibert will resign from the Commission. 


Neher questioned if there are any allowances given to members missing meetings because of business conflicts.  Barnard stated that if a member has missed their quota, they need to contact the staff liaison to indicate their interest in remaining on the Commission. The City Council will be informed of the request and decide whether to re-appoint the member. Beacom reviewed the dates of when terms expire for remaining members.


V.                NEW BUSINESS

1.      CS-ACM Spring Conference

Beacom reviewed his attendance at the conference held in Cincinnati Ohio.  Fall conference will be in Mt. Pleasant with MAC 3 TV hosting it along with the Philo’s.  The Conference will be held October 16-18.


2.      Nominating Committee

Beacom asked if Commission members wanted to have a nominating committee for the Chair and Vice-chair.  Malekadeli and Neher will act as nominating committee.



Beacom announced registration for MCTV’s Video Camp in June and July for students ages 12-17.  The Analog to Digital workshop was held in March on the analog to digital transition that goes into effect February 2009.  Beacom also announced the return of MCTV Office Assistant Brandi Athey.  Neher thanked MCTV for help in the production of the Gerstacker Awards. 


VII.          ADJOURNMENT – Next  Meeting, September 10, 7pm

Green moved to adjourn, Granstra seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.