September 10, 2008


PRESENT:  Ernie Bedford, Roy Green, Linda Malekadeli, Norm Neher


ABSENT:   Bob Granstra


ALSO PRESENT:  Melissa Barnard – Library; Brandi Athey – Secretary


I.                   CALL To Order

By Beacom at 7pm


II.                Election

Beacom called upon the nomination committee. The committee nominated Green for chair.  Malekadeli seconded. Beacom called for a vote.  Vote passed unanimously, Green is Chair.  Green called for nominations for vice-chair. Malekadeli was nominated.  Bedford seconded.  Green called for a vote.  Vote passed unanimously, Malekadeli is vice-chair.


III.       APPROVAL - of May 14, 2008 Minutes

Minutes approved as submitted. 





V.                OLD Business

1.      Cable Communications Fund

Beacom reviewed the quarterly report. Malekadeli questioned what the projection was for the purchase of equipment. Beacom stated money is budgeted for field equipment and that the Friends of MCTV were assigned by City Council to raise $50,000 for equipment.

Beacom informed the commission that the purchase of equipment in 2009-10 budget years may be delayed due to the increased cost of upgraded technology.  MCTV cannot afford to replace all of the equipment.  In addition, MCTV will also eventually be faced with difficulty in having current equipment serviced as it becomes obsolete.  Green questioned if the upgraded equipment would be in high definition.  Beacom replied that if MCTV moved in that direction, the signal sent to Charter and then from Charter isn’t in high definition so MCTV can’t move to HD yet. Green asked about the grant MCTV received from the Great Lakes Loons.  Beacom stated the grant money was used to purchase the TriCaster – which replaced the mini-EFP.  MCTV plans to submit an application for another grant this year.


2.      Friends of MCTV

Beacom announced the fundraiser of parking cars at the Loons game raised almost $800, after the insurance for the Friends was paid.  Beacom also stated the process has begun for collecting donations for the silent auction at Honors Night.  Beacom stated the Friends will still work under the umbrella of the Midland Area Community Foundation even though the Friends now have their own 501c3 status.


3.      Video Franchising

Beacom informed the commission that AT&T has filed paperwork for a video franchising agreement.  MCTV’s channels will not be offered due to the high cost and low quality of the signal.  Comcast is in a legal battle with Meridian Twp and the City of Dearborn for trying to move their access channels to the digital tier with just 30 days notice earlier this year. Green asked about how AT & T is going to offer service here. Beacom stated they don’t have to offer service to everybody because of the new state video franchising law.


4.      CAAC Vacancies. 

Beacom state there were two seats vacant on the commission and reviewed the process on how to apply.  City Council makes the appointments. 


VI.             NEW BUSINESS

1.      Annual Report, 2007-08

Beacom reviewed the draft of the annual report and called for questions and changes.  As there was none, Bedford moved to accept the report.  Malekadeli seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.  Beacom will send the report to City Council.


2.      CAAC Goals, 2008-09

Beacom reviewed proposed goals.  Green asked if Charter was doing their quarterly payments.   Beacom stated yes, but the payment sometimes doesn’t come until almost two months after the end of the quarter. Neher moved to approve the goals.  Bedford seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.


3.      Meeting Dates – 2009

Beacom submitted proposed meeting calendar for 2009.  Per the ordinance, the Commission is required to  meet quarterly.  Bedford questioned whether it would help fill the vacancies if the meeting nights were moved.  Beacom stated there’s been no indication of Wednesday nights being an issue.  Malekadeli moved to approve the meeting dates.  Bedford seconded.  Motion passed unanimously. 


4.      CS-ACM Fall Conference, Mt. Pleasant –October 16-18

Beacom announced the upcoming conference hosted by MAC3 TV.  MCTV will partner with MAC 3 for the Philos Awards Ceremony on Friday, Oct. 17.  Philos will be held at the Broadway Theatre while the conference and keynote luncheon will be held at the Soaring Eagle Inn.


5.      Budget Roundtables

Beacom reviewed the process for the public roundtables asking for citizen input on the budget.  First thing done was a phone survey of 400 residents. Now the City is asking for public input with several sessions of community roundtables.  City employees also had an opportunity for input with workshops. Three hundred employees participated.  Neher asked if the roundtables were for City residents only.  Barnard stated they were but local businesses could participate in the Business Roundtable.  Beacom stated City Council will reviewthe  information gathered to help determine the City’s budget priorities. 



Beacom reviewed the meeting he attended in Ann Arbor. They celebrated 35 years of access television there.  New production director Matt Richardson starts September 15th.  Matt comes to Midland from the Community Access Center in Kalamazoo.


VIII.       ADJOURNMENT – Next Meeting, November 12, 7pm, Council Chambers

Malekadeli moved to adjourn.  Bedford seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 7:43pm.