February 11, 2009


PRESENT:  Ernie Bedford, Bob Granstra, Roy Green, Linda Malekadeli, Norm Neher


ALSO PRESENT:  Melissa Barnard – Library; Brandi Athey – Secretary


I.                   CALL To Order

By Green 7pm


II.                APPROVAL - of September 10, 2008 Minutes

Minutes approved as submitted.





IV.             OLD Business


A.    CAAC Goals, 2008-09

Beacom reviewed progress of the goals.  Malekadeli invited citizens to be a guest on the Friends of MCTV program and to contact MCTV for more information. 


B.     Annual Report, 2007-08

Beacom informed the commission that City Council accepted the annual report as submitted.


C.     Cable Communications Fund

Beacom gave an overview of fund balances for the first 6 months.  Green asked what the target amount for sponsorships was.  Beacom stated $7,500.  Green questioned if the franchise fees are being affected by alternative suppliers of TV signal.  Beacom stated AT&T is now offering u-verse in Midland and it may impact franchise fees in future. 


D.    Friends of MCTV

Beacom informed the commission that the Friends are almost half-way to their goal of $50,000 for equipment purchases.  Beacom announced upcoming fundraising events:  Muzyka’ benefit concert, parking for two Great Lakes Loons games, MCTV Honors Night celebrating MCTV’s 25th anniversary.  Malekadeli inquired about the life span of MCTV’s equipment. Beacom stated the goal is 5 to 7 years for most equipment, and it depends on the usage and handling.  Green questioned if any contributions were given directly to the foundation for the Friends of MCTV.  Beacom replied that 38 individual gifts were given, totaling just under $4,000. 


E.     Video Franchising – Comcast Lawsuit

1.       Beacom updated the commission on the ongoing lawsuit with AT&T and Meridian Township.

2.      Comcast wanted to move access channels up to the digital tier and make them unavailable on basic cable.  Customers would  have to pay for it. 

3.      State of Illinois’ Attorney General is also looking into how AT&T is dealing with cable access. 



F.      CAAC Vacancies

Beacom stated there are still two vacancies on the commission.


V.                NEW BUSINESS

A.    ACM Michigan –March 11 – Grand Rapids

Beacom invited members to the State Chapter meeting. 


B.     CAAC Terms

Beacom reminded Malekadeli and Bedford that their terms are up this year.  He asked them to let him know if they wanted to be considered for re-appointment.



Beacom announced that this year is MCTV’s 25th anniversary.  Meetings will begin with staff to prepare for the anniversary at Honors night.    

Beacom informed the commission of the death of a long time MCTV volunteer, Ron Snyder. 


VII.          ADJOURNMENT – Next Meeting, May 13, 2009, 7pm, Council Chambers

Meeting adjourned at 7:29pm.