Wednesday, November 11, 2009


PRESENT:               Bob Granstra, Roy Green, Linda Malekadeli, Norm Neher

ABSENT:                 None

ALSO PRESENT:    Melissa Barnard – Library Director; Brandi Athey – Secretary


I.              Call To Order

Beacom called meeting to order at 7pm


II.            Election of Officers

Beacom called for nominations for chair.  Green nominated Granstra, Malekadeli seconded. A vote was taken and motion passed unanimously.  Granstra is Chair.  Granstra called for nominations for vice-chair.  Green nominated Malekadeli, Neher seconded.  A vote was taken and motion passed unanimously.   Malekadeli is Vice-chair.


III.          Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved as submitted.


IV.          Public Comments



V.            Old Business

a.       Cable Communications Fund

The status of the Cable Communications Fund was presented.


b.      Friends of MCTV

The Commission was informed of fundraising events held by the Friends of MCTV.  Malekadeli announced the Friends are almost half-way to the goal of raising $50,000 for equipment purchases.


c.       CAAC Vacancies

There are three vacant positions.


VI.          New Business

a.       Charter Letter-Access Channel Changes

Commission was informed of a letter sent to MCTV and the City from Charter Communications announcing the movement of the public access, government and school channels to the higher channel numbers in the basic tier.  The movement will be effective December 1st.  Malekadeli questioned why Charter is moving MCTV to higher channels.  Beacom explained the more desirable channels are in the lower tier and because customers channel surf the lower channels.  Malekadeli also asked what the benefit to Charter is. Beacom could not speak for their reasoning.


Beacom reviewed amendment HR3745, which would amend the Communications Act from 1934 to treat the PEG channels fairly.


b.      Proposed CAAC Goals, 2009-10

Proposed goals were submitted to the commission.  Neher moved to accept goals as submitted, Malekadeli seconded.  Vote taken and motion passed unanimously.


c.       CAAC Annual Report, 2008-09

The proposed annual report was submitted to the commission.  Malekadeli moved to approve report as submitted, Green seconded.  Vote taken and motion passed unanimously.


d.      2010 CAAC Meeting Dates

Meeting dates were presented to the commission


VII.              Announcements

MCTV’s Honors Night will be held Thursday, November 19, 2009.

MCTV’s 25th Anniversary Celebration was held Sunday, November 8th and was a successful event.

Friends of MCTV will hold their annual meeting on December 9, 2009 and is open to the public.

MCTV volunteer access user, Wilma Romatz, and the Summer Video camp 2009 won Philo T. Farnsworth Awards.


VIII.            Adjournment

Meeting adjourned, 7:43pm